Life Is Good!

Twas the early hours before school, when all through the place
all the creatures were stirring, with smiles on their face!

All the lunch boxes were set by the kids with care,
in hopes that the school bus soon would be there;

The children were eating their eggs and their breads,
while visions of playgrounds danced in their heads;

With Heath-y awake and his hair all askew, he was sad to see his siblings leaving for school.

When out of nowhere it was time to go, the kids grabbed each other with parents in tow!

The sun shown down and lighted the way, on the pavement and sidewalks to begin the day;

Then out of nowhere came tons of their friends, and parents behind them with BIG HAPPY grins;

With smiles and giggles they fidgeted and wiggled until;

Out of nowhere the bus came in view and all of the kids knew what to do;

All of them leapt to the bus with care,
taking turns to make it fair;

And away they drove off like the speed of light,
each parent sighed as they drove out of sight.

As the parents walked away, a bounce in their step, you could hear them say "Good morning to all and to all a FUN day!"

It's exciting that this is Bria's first day of Kindergarten and that they all were just as excited for school as I was and still am! I love theses beauties! :)


Well Behaved Krissy said...

what a PRECIOUS post! Seriously, this was GREAT!

kg said...

That was a cute post! Yay for kindergarten :)

Wendyrful said...

How fun! I love that you were able to do the whole poem! So clever!!! Bria is in Kindergarten?!?! how did that happen? she was a NEWBORN baby when we moved here! wow! How exciting!!! Now Heathy has no friends at home. we have got to get kids together to play!

Sara said...

Bria looks so grown up! How does she like being in school all day? Or I guess a better question would be, how do you like it?

hope said...

I have only known you a short whiole and even I can't believe Bria is in school.

As I just told Wendy on her blog we should get all the kiddos (the little ones) together for a playdate. Skylah loves little kids just as much as big kids.

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