H.I.T List--Communication is Key to a Relationship

I haven't done one of these posts in a very long time and decided that I would start it up again! This is my Home Improvement Thursday Post..H.I.T List~things that are a hit in my family.

My son Heath, has had lots more physical problems than my other kids. He ended up in the hospital and being diagnosed with asthma and had so many ear infections, even after tubes that he had problems communicating with us. He could understand everything that we were saying(just not the right pronunciation), but could not say things to us without it sounding Swahili (Bria was our interpreter)! He eventually had to get speech therapy which he finished this last spring! YAY! But in the meantime we had to communicate and I was tired of both of us getting frustrated because he knew exactly what he was saying and got mad that I wasn't quick enough to catch on to his language!

So, what was our saving grace? Teaching him sign language starting when he was 10 months old! We had no clue he'd have speech problems at that time, so we are glad we did! One of the best things we purchased was a video set called Baby Signs. Of course you could probably just learn the signs yourself and teach, but these add visuals (you may get bored, but they'll be entertained)! They will learn milk, more, eat, cereal, bath, different animals, share and the list goes on. Heath even started signing sentences on his own! Let me tell you it saved many hair strands from being pulled out in frustration! :)

Another thing we ended up getting was Baby Babble and it helped Heath learn to pronounce sounds more. It is probably geared more towards a 2 year old(the other kids and I got some good laughs out of some of the sounds the lady would make) where as the other videos you can start at about 9-10 months! He still loves to watch these movies and the other kids like learning from them too.

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