I love these girls!

I remember doing this for the Football players, but we were in front of it and had to hightail it doing cart wheels to the sidelines, hoping not to get run over by the players in the process...this is probably safer!

gotta love blue ring pops!

Go Crusaders!

The girls had back to back games on Saturday and did a great job being troopers! It was a little chilly for them, but it felt great to me! Aunt Chel went with us and we all had a fun girls day chatting and eating hot dogs and chips! It's so fun to watch sports when my kids are involved. Other than that I just don't watch sports. Not something I grew up doing. We only watched when we were in it or someone we loved was involved (makes it more fun)!

We arrived home and were pleasantly surprised to see all the things the boys were able to get done! They trimmed our trees, weeded the gardens, edged the yard, weed eated (if it isn't a word...it is now) the yard and cleaned our two story foyer for the painter that will be here soon! So, now I feel that things are starting to get done and I can start checking things off my to do lists! YAY! Though Alyssa and I are sick now with colds and I feel like I have some stomach bug on top of it, might be a little morning sickness mixed in to, but I'd be happy if it went away!

Here's what my little cuties looked like on the field! Look at Bria's hip action and Alyssa's groove!


karen said...

Yes, I do love those girls. So cute and fun!

hope said...

They are so cute!!! Raoah, halfway into soccer, has already said she wants to do cheerleading next year. However, she is debating between that and having me teach her violin. Hmmm... rushing out in uniform to get to practices and games, or setting up comfortably in our home for a couple hours a week to practice at $19 month for rental???

Sorry you are sick. Not fun. I had the stomach flu when preggers with Skylah. I got so dehydrated I passed out at Walgreens picking up meds for the rest of the family. Ah, the memories!

tyson said...

Must be nice ... come home to a clean yard after enjoying cheerleading and football all morning. :)

Lisa said...

They were super cute!! It was fun seeing y'all there!!

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