Nikolai--my first baby!

This is Nikolai he is part tabby, part Siamese. His little blue eyes even cross and he has the grumpiness to prove the Siamese part. When I was 7 months pregnant with my first I was walking home from my job when I heard a little meow in a sidewalk drain and realized what it was. I tried to lure him out, but there was no way the little thing was going to be able to get up that high (or that I could lay belly down to try and grab it), so I called the fire department and they were nice enough to come out and rescue my little beauty. All I had to repay the firemen with was an unopened box of Little Debbie Oatmeal Cookies ( ahhhh, the simple days of livin' on love). LOL
Tyson came home and I said with great enthusiasm and slight paranoia that he'd disown me, "I have a surprise for you in the laundry room." He took one look and sighed, "Oh Great!" I quickly responded "I'll find a good home for him!" ha ha ha! And here he is 10 years later!

One day Tys and I took a trip to Atlanta for the weekend and when we came back Nikolai wouldn't talk to us. When he was mad at you he'd do a bite and run, usually hiding under the bed after wards. My kids adore him and he is the best cat I have ever owned. He is so cuddly (on his terms--ya know CAT), he loves the kids and endures being man handled by them and used to run out and greet them when they got off the bus and race them to the house! Now that he is older he doesn't do that as much.

He hasn't been acting real normal lately (looks like an infection from a cat fight) and he disappeared for 5 days. We wanted to take him to the vet and now that we found him that is what we are going to do! Here's to a swift recovery for our loving feline!


hope said...

Aw. I hope he's okay.

snbjork said...

Have you found out if he's okay yet? Growing up we always had cats. One of them was a siamese ("Seymore") that lived for like 16 years. In the end he went senile so my Mom had to have him put to sleep. That was a very sad day. He was such a good little kitty, always so friendly.

I also had another cat, Tigger, who was really my little buddy all through middle school and high school. She would sleep on my pillow at night, right next to my head. And, the only other person she would let touch or get near her was my Mom.

Ah, walk down memory lane.

I hope your baby is okay!

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