You're gonna POKE someone's eye out!!!

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt and believe me my kids push the envelope! I always tell my kids that when they choose to rough house they need to be careful or else they might just poke someone's eye out. For instance yesterday Chad and Heath were playing light sabers (Picture a 3 year old being soft--yeah ain't happenin') and Chad yells and runs down the stairs with hand over his eye and says in a very offended tone "LOOOOOK! Heath turned me into Anakin Skywalker now!" He pulls his hand down to reveal a red line over his brow and under his eye! I manage to keep from laughing (for a moment, he's always creative in his descriptions)!

They LOVE and I mean L-O-V-E to wrestle! Heath will get down in what we call his "Sumo stance" and launch at ya, Chad will run up and grab you ready to tackle you hoping you will turn around and attack him, Bria follows big brother and Alyssa has to be in the mood, but there are ways to do that! :) I grew up wrestling and rough housing my brothers and Dad so I guess it's no surprise why that is one of my (our) favorite ways to spend time together.

There's always one that gets offended at someone for catching them off guard and then hollering starts or someone (Heath) gets a bit too excited and bulldozes with his head and then the real fighting begins! In the meantime it is tons of fun and we usually love every minute of it, but I have to admit that although it's not fun to hear the fighting when someone gets miffed about something...it can be over funny things!

It just so happens that I actually have pictures of the wrestle time. It cracks me up especially the one where Chad is offended by, you guessed it..Heath (and look at that mischievous grin the young padawan learner has)! LOL


tyson said...

The look on Chad's face and the mischievous little grin on Heath's face make this picture a classic for years to come, I'm sure.

Sara said...

Heath looks like he's the one beating everyone up!

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