Fall Break and a Little More...

For the past 2 weeks I have been really busy and have hardly had anytime to read blogs or post one of my own. There are a lot of things I would like to journal. So please bear with me. ;)

I went to the doctor for my 14 week check up and got a BIG surprise!!! The nurse (whom I have known for almost 11 years) said "Wanna find out what you are having?" I was shocked because I just had 2 ultrasound in 2 months and this isn't something they really do more than 2 times during my pregnancies (except when I was having slight complications during my 2nd delivery) and replied "Ummmm... isn't it a little too early to find out?" She smiled "We'll give it a try. Sometimes we you can tell and sometimes you can't." Of course we all know why they did it...because I am their MOST loyal customer. Without me they'd sink! :)

We do think we know what this little munchkin is, but are keepin' it on the down low until we get our ultrasound next month and the percentage of accuracy is much greater! :) So take the poll to the right and vote for what you think the little womb dweller is!

Over Fall Break Bria was very sick. We took her to the doctor who said it looks like the beginnings of pneumonia. So with that and me being sick with whatever she had (thank goodness it didn't turn into pneumonia) our air conditioner decided to go out...yay! Then some Russian friends of ours lost their apartment and home (the apartment came with the job) when their shady employer met my husband and said he was too clean cut for his liking (he also thought his Russian was too good to just be an average American...in other words maybe gov.'t) and told our friends, I and K, that Tyson was a bad man! ha ha ha, that just cracks me up for some reason!!! Anyways they have been staying with us since last Monday and are leaving this Tuesday back to their mother land. We are sad that we won't be able to visit often because we have all grown to love them. They are GREAT, kind and very humble people. All the kids are very attached and sad, but understand that sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

We have had great times swapping recipes that we cook for each other and they said they LOVE my cooking (made me feel pretty good) and we have taught each other our native languages, taken them out to eat at Cheeburger Cheeburger, to the Fall Festival at St. John's to watch the girls perform their cheer routines, and have tried to give them some very American experiences! We even watched The Spiderwick Chronicles (which I didn't really like, the book was better...Chad agrees) with them and they loved all the American things we did together! We also have had several projects that need to get done before Tyson goes to school (in 2 weeks...he will drive down there every other weekend) and we worked on them with I and K, they wanted to help as much as possible and wouldn't let us refuse! :) So we have been able to get a lot of things done faster than we would have without them! I am very grateful to them!

They hope to return in a year and make America their permanent home! I hope that works for them. Life in Russia is very hard and very expensive with very low paying jobs. You don't realize how much you have and how prideful you have become until you have met a truly humble person! I am one who is quite passionate about America, but this has helped me appreciate it even more!


Sarah (and a few others) said...

Girl? That's so cool you've gotten to see her so much already.
That's sad about I and K. They were pretty awesome. Though I might have to agree with Tyson being a bit shady... haha!

hope said...

They seemed like such sweet people yesterday. It is sad. Hopefully next year they can spend the holidays here in the US.
Let me know if you need the kids to come over for a playdate some time. Bria was asking to play with Skylah again. Too bad she isn't home during the day. That would make it so much easier.

Take care.

danakat said...

Okay, I voted. But since I am always wrong about these things, you're really pressing your luck making me vote.

I always thought Tyson was a bit shady. It's the eyes...they're chilling.


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