I Am

I am . . . quiet and reserved
I think . . .
I am due a long vacation in Hawaii
I want . . .
to see and touch my mother again
I have . . . more then I deserve
I miss . . .
my mother and brother, Chad
I fear . . . fear itself
I feel . . . blessed and sometimes lonely
I hear . . .
children fighting over who's turn it is to do the dishes
I smell . . .clean, fresh autumn air
I crave . . .
sushi all the time ( I get raw veggie or cooked ones)!!!
I cry . . . at cheesy commercials lately, but always during patriotic songs and some movies
I search . . . everything for meaning and purpose
I wonder . . . if my dog understands more than he lets on
I regret . . . moments of unkindness, selfishness and pride
I wish . . . I were a better person and more talented
I love . . . to talk to my husband and snuggle or wrestle with my kids
I care . . . less and less about what others think about me as I get older
I always . . . want cherry limeades, pregnant or not!
I worry . . . for my siblings, hubby and children
I am not . . .
a morning person by any stretch of the imagination
I remember . . . each of my children's births almost to a "T"!
I believe . . . God IS and He loves all
I know . . .
Christ was and is our Savior and he was not just an ordinary man
I sing . . . all the time, especially in the shower!!!
I don't always . . . clean my dishes before bed
I argue . . . way too much because I am RIGHT! :)
I write . . .
poetry and stories and little notes to my hubby and place on his pillow (ok I admit it is once in a blue moon, but it happens)
I lose . . .my car in the parking lot lately...must be the pregnancy!
I listen . . . to The Phantom of the Opera ALL the time because the kids love it!!!
I can . . . forgive...it's just a matter of wanting to
I need . . . my family and dear friends
I forget . . . to record my receipts every week
I am happy . . . when I am with my family


hope said...

I read it backwards for some reason. I do that sometimes on things like that. I like to see what people said at the end after they have said so much prior! Weird, I know.

Anyways, the end, as I read it, was so touching. As was the rest of it.

karen said...

Loved it. You are a great friend. Not knowing what this baby is is killing me!!! I am so curious.

kmmclain said...

I love seeing this go around. It allowed me to learn more about you! I hope you are feeling well soon. I'd still love to talk Twilight with you when you are up to it.

Sara said...

Hey--I thought I'd converted you to Cranberry Limeades! J/K I love reading stuff like that. It really helps me get to know you better!

danakat said...

Ahhhh...our shared love of Cherry Limeades will stand the test of time. I still usually think about you when I drink one. Is that weird?

And I thought you like to argue (especially with Tyson) because you want to convince him he's wrong, whether he is or not. :)

And you are a very talented person, so stop wishing for whatcha already got.

Quincy Sorensen said...

Hey Sharon, I really enjoyed reading your poem. I learned a lot about you, and I enjoyed what I learned! :)

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