Old Times

I was doing some things on the computer when Bria came to me all sad and sentimental and said:

Bria: in a sad almost going to cry tone,"Mom, I miss the old times we used to have!"

Me: "You do, huh?"

Bria: "Yeah, maybe we can do some of the things we did in the old times because I miss that. We used to camp a lot more ya know? And lots of other things."

We had just gone camping in the Smokies in September...guess that was still too far in the past for her! :)

Me: "You're right we should do more of what we used to."

It's kind of funny to hear a 5 year old talking about the "old times". I have to admit that I am kind of confused as to where this is coming from, but it's nice to see her thinking about time and time together.

Another thing to add:

Today while at Conference for our church, Alyssa wrote a note to a boy we were watching while his parents were singing in the choir. Here is what they exchanged...

Alyssa: "Will you marry me?"

Friend: "I will marry NOBODY!"

That cracked us up. Don't worry Alyssa's ego wasn't bruised...there's still time! :)


hope said...

I am laughing because I know who said friend is!! That is so funny!!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

Gosh! I hope his mom saves that note. If she hates the girl she can just show it to her.

Sara said...

That's so sweet! Her friend is crazy not to accept!

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