Oh He Did SOOOO Well

On Sunday, Heath went to Primary for music time (for the first time) and everyone was so awed at how great and quiet he was (let's just say he's your typical active 3 yr. old boy)...and I was quite shocked because he was still pretty good, quiet and not so squirmy when I got him! But the catch was...when we came home he had a 102 fever! And they thought he was being soooo good just because! ha ha ha!

Yes, Chad, Heath and I all came down with the flu Sunday night! Oh the joys of it all! Today they are all back at school and I am able to get things done, but my energy is zapped! Only 4 and a half more months left til I can have my body back to normal...that is what I keep telling myself to keep me sane! :)

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Kim Mayfield said...

I'm so sorry that y'all have been sick! Hope you are feeling more like yourself soon.

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