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Our family has sure GROWN over the past, almost, 11 years (not to mention our family pictures have gotten better)! I still can't believe we are going to be blessed with yet ANOTHER little one! I am happy, nervous, scared, delighted, excited...so many emotions all wrapped up in one ball that either sits in the pit of my stomach, bounces on the heart or sometimes takes a joy ride to the throat when I am really overwhelmed by analyzing (which I can do too often sometimes) all these emotions and thoughts about #5!

At times it scares me because I wonder if I can do it. Can I keep up with it all? Will I be a good mom to all 5 of them(ok not sure that I am now, but it still enters the mind)?

I am excited to see what this little person is like, who he/she looks like and to see my children fall in love with another sibling!

I am delighted because there is nothing that brings me greater joy than my children and I am nervous because I haven't quite forgotten what labor and delivery feels like and I get nervous about the possibilities of complications. My brother who passed away at 6 months caught Spinal Meningitis in the birth canal...so I get nervous!

Either we have something to learn here or maybe...just maybe we might be doing ok enough that God sees fit to send us another one! It probably really is that we just have A LOT to learn...either way there are no better teachers than children! :)

I am not sad to have another, I am not mad that I thought I was done and then SURPRISE...I am humbled that God sees fit to send another to us and ok with the fact that we are and are labeled as "crazy"! :)


danakat said...

I love it! Gosh you look like a kid in that first picture...I guess you kinda were, but we just didn't think about it then.
I love the last family shot!
And you will be a great mother to #5...and 6 and 7. :)

Julie said...

How did you get your kids to cooperate in every family pic?!?! I'm SO jealous! And seriously...you're worried about #5? I can barely manage 2! You're my hero!

danakat said...

Do you still have that video you and Tyson did when you got your computer? You know the one... "Hey! Hey you!"
OMGosh! I LOVE that!! LOL LOL
I kept it FOREVER. If you have it, please please please post it. It makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.
Looking at your old pictures triggered that memory. LOL LOL

snbjork said...

I agree with Julie that you are amazing! I can also hardly manage my two. I think so often about you and other women I know with more children. You teach them so well and seem to have so many wonderful opportunities for them. You and Tyson are wonderful parents from what I see. You'll be great!

I, too love the pictures! It was fun to see your older kids as babies since I didn't know you back then!

kmmclain said...

You will be awesome! I understand though the wondering on how we are doing with each one. All we can do is our best, and wait for our children to have their own, and watch them struggle and smile. :) Your kids are well mannered, and have wonderful examples to follow. Keep up the great work!

Sara said...

When is your official "find out" date?
You will be a great mom to all 5 of your kids. Your current 4 are proof that you know what you're doing!

Rose said...

U are amazing Sharon..
did you guys still want the carseat and stroller??

Lacey Freeman said...

I have always wanted 5 kids. I think that Heavenly Father knew what he was doing to send you guys another little one. I am sure you will be an amazing mother to all 5 children! They are lucky to have such a great momma!

kellibattraw said...

My mom (mother of 8) says that after 3 it's all the same... you're already there, so no worries! : ) You guys are great parents and this baby is one lucky little soul to come to your family.

Sharon said...

Thanks for all the confidence boosters! :)

Dana~ I still have that video...I think. I will have to check, but I am not sure I want to share my cheesy side with the world just yet! ha! I might scare someone! :)

Julie~Just so you know in between each session we were frustrated and only smiled when the camera was ready! They were driving me NUTS during the one of us all in red. The photographer was annoying and made things worse! But we got one descent one from that session!

Sara~ My final find out date is Nov. 10th...yay!!!

Quincy Sorensen said...

Sharon, I LOVE the post and the pictures. :) You are a great mother to four; you will be a great mother to five (my favorite number). Plus, you look fabulous.

hope said...

Catching up. I love the walk down memory lane. I think our family pictures have greatly improved as well.

It takes strong, courageous women to be moms. I do think that the more you are blessed with, the stronger you are. It takes a little bit of our strength to bring up each one in righteousness and humility. You will do beautifully.

shari said...

Sharon I think I know you best and I think you are CRAZY!!! Ha!ha! It takes one to know one right?

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