30th B-day Bash Proves Hubby is a Keeper

Making fun of your hubby for being in his 30's well before you can lead to a party where he just might (try to) do the same! :)

For my b-day my husband threw a b-day bash! He didn't tell me the specifics and only told me I would need an umbrella because it'd be a walk to where we were going! If you could onlyhave been in my head as I imagined a walk through the back woods, trudging in mud just to get where he was supposedly "recommended" to go! :) We ended up going to "Ketchup" at Bridge street and had fun eating some nummy food (with that and the holidays I am for sure going to hate weighing in next month)! I have to say the best was the lobster appetizers! YUM! There were 16 of us and after chatting we headed over to my house for some beautiful ice cream cake that my hubby did all by himself (who knew I had married the male version of Martha Stewart...I was quite impressed)!

He used a spring form pan and came up with the design all by his lonesome!

Only 6 came over for that, but it was still tons of fun to chat and play the games he put together and watch the slideshow our SIL, J, and her hubby, B, put together for me. He originally wanted it to be a kind of "remember Sharon's embarrassing moments party", but my friends, even my sis, were nice and said things I feel undeserving of!

Here is the true and false he did of my past (that kept us all laughing) and I am sure some of you will want an explanation for some of the trues, but that will have to be another post in itself!

How well do you know the "TRUE" me! Let's just say that I am sure my halo is duct tape art by now and that some things were done before the age of accountability...I think!

1. Broke both arms at 9 years old?
2. Threw frogs into a moving fan?
3. Threw frogs into the road as cars were coming?
4. Scrubbed her sister's toothbrush in the toilet?
5. Put a snake in her stepmother's bed?
6. Ate a worm on a dare?
7. Crashed into a police car?
8. Only had one "real" boyfriend?
9. Curses sometimes when mad?
10.Ran after some boys with rocks in a sock to clobber him?

I will post the answers in my next post! Happy Guessing!


hope said...

Not sure how much I really know about you, but wanted to say Happy Birthday! Michelle called and invited us to the birthday and we were so sad to miss it. You and your family are such neat friends to have. Happy Birthday!!!

Tiffany Chamblee Funn said...

Your still just a baby! I would love to be turning 30 again. Tyson did a great job on the cake.

shari said...

OK so I say they are all TRUE!!! And then you wonder how you ended up with two "little Stinkers" Just like you. So don't worry about them see they will turn out just awesome! Duct taped halo and all.

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