Warm wishes brought a warm Christmas

These are the men in my life! From Lft. to Rt., Chad, Heath, Tys, and my dad

We left on the 23rd to go to my Dad's in southern Georgia for Christmas! The kids were sad when it was time to go and Heath was adamant that he was going to stay...good thing we're bigger and can carry him! :) It was a VERY warm week! We even ended up putting the A/C on!

Here's our Christmas (southern style) in pictures!

They had free reign outside and loved BB shooting (only 8 yrs. and up though), feeding the fish, throwing stuff in the pond, playing on the toy 4-wheeler, riding the golf cart and seeing the over 190 acres of land that is in our family (24 acres each brother...8 of them)!

We made cookies for Santa, read the nativity story, had the girls sing a song for their Granddaddy, were excited to wake up to all our new gifts, play with them ALL day and eat some really good food! The turkey and rolls were AWESOME!

Heath had a fire ant incident...the tree picture has one of the many HUGE fire ant mounds next to it (believe me they get much bigger than that...anywhere from 2-5 times bigger)! Hundreds were all over his clothes, luckily they were mostly getting a mouthful of his jeans and socks and only left him with a few bites...everyone loves a good Heath bar! He had been playing hide and seek with Chad and some cousins when he went to count at the base of the tree he had taken a HUGE chunk of ant hill off with both feet. Ants just are not the friendliest of neighbors!

We also met a few critters right on our front porch! The kids were more intrigued by the chameleon! We watched it go from green to brown and back to green again! It was pretty interesting! :)


Dawn, said...

Its sure hard to beat a Country Christmas. So glad you had a great time!! Nothing much cuter than a little guy on a 4wheeler!!

danakat said...

Love the pictures. Glad you had a great Christmas. Can't wait to hear ALL about it.

karen said...

Merry Christmas! It looks like a fun trip!

hope said...

What an awesome Christmas out of town. Except the ant troubles!! Ouch. My sister had a similar incident in AZ. So we just had her jump in the pool and they all got off her pretty quick.

Quincy Sorensen said...

I've got that Alabama song stuck in my head as I read your post . . . "Christmas in Dixie" . . . :)

Well Behaved Krissy said...

I have officially met your TWIN. Her name is Jackie, 4 kids, looks just like you. You've gotta come to the gym with me and see her (she teaches body attack) its FREAKY! I even called her Sharon to her face yesterday. haaha!

Happy Birthday girlie.

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