Dear Santa,

We Horrocks' kids have been VERY good. We have put our mommy through a 2 year school program in Interior Design and were finished in 1 year! We even encouraged our dad to do all the cooking and cleaning when mommy couldn't keep up and he quickly put us to work with him(we complained VERY little....just don't ask mommy and daddy, they don't remember those things really well). She also is having another baby, number 5! This means less toys for us around Christmas, but we have all decided this one just might be cute enough to make it alright! She was even laid out in bed for about 4 months with morning sickness, so I think we have endured a lot in her behalf.

Then we all encouraged our dad to go to school for what they call an MBA...we think it's some secret plot to undo our anti-chore tactics, but sill encourage him to further his education in any way he may see fit. We just have to up our homeland security. We also grudgingly sent him to a week of scout camp...not that it isn't fun without him, we just love camping so much as a family we felt jipped. But he had fun and all the kids survived so I guess he did a great job! I hear that some of the kids kept him on his toes which is a credit to all kids!

Now a little about each of us:

I (Chad) have been working hard with my piano skills and tried to learn a song for my sister, Alyssa's baptism (which was this past Sunday), but found that it was still a few levels above me. To my parents surprise, I didn't even cry and wine very much over it all when they asked me to at least try. I've excelled in my gaming skills with Super Smash Brothers Brawl on the Wii, just by reading the manual, my reflexes have greatly improved. I totally think I have taken reading (and the game) to a whole new level! My abilities to make allies has greatly been increased, especially with boys in the neighborhood. I have people knocking on the door sometimes a few times a day just to hang out. When my mom informs them that I can't play until tomorrow, one in particular comes over several more times to see if he can penetrate the mind barriers to free me, but it hasn't proven to work yet.

I (Alyssa) am learning more of the parenting skills very well. A little more yelling and a chore list really makes a difference in learning more about the enemy. It is hard not to turn into one of them, but I am learning a great deal so we can better our defenses! I have enjoyed another year in cheerleading and have tried to keep mommy and daddy happy by appearing to enjoy standing around doing cheers for boys who really don't care if we are there...only if we have food. The dancing is the best part. Not only does it keep the parents beaming...so they can register on our radars at all times, but it actually makes me feel great! I am also ready and excited to take on a new trainee (our baby #5) that is due April 11th. I am sure this new little one will be a promising handful, it's already kicking mommy all the time!

I (Bria) have also been learning the ways of the parent and have found that sometimes I enjoy it, but am quickly cured of it when I see all the responsibilities they put themselves through! Now that I am in Kindergarten my great Mission impossible spy skills have been lingering, but Heath has quickly picked them up(he has learned how to steel oreos stealth like by hiding under the corner end table...quite impressive). I have taught him well. Too bad mommy found some of the crumbs so we have to find new hiding spots. I have enjoyed my first year in cheerleading and was glad to do militant service with my older sister! She is a great teacher and has showed me the art of getting the parents registered on our radars...it really doesn't take much to make a parent beam, when you really put your mind to it! I have also built up an immunity for all the vegetables I am served and am starting to endure them without much complaint. It puzzles the parents and then makes them more apt to say yes to the things I would like...like ice cream! It is nice to find their weakness!

I (Heath) have been busy being trained by my skilled siblings in the art of being a kid. Tantrums come easy and making bed time frustrating is my specialty! I am in my first year of pre-school and have been in time out numerous times because the teachers (more parents) demand much from me and I have to prove they can't break me or else I am a shame to kid hood! Many of the other kids there have fallen and listen all the time, but I shall resist! I had my first Christmas program and proved that I march to my own drum(though everyone says I was cute)...my leadership skills as a kid are almost complete! I also speak in code (at times) so they can't understand what I am saying to some of my new allies which causes them to think I need what they call "Speech Therapy" (they tell my mom sometimes they just can't understand what I am saying), but I have already done that and withhold those skills from the general public to keep my secret identity! I love that I am going to be a big brother...I just wish that mom would allow that thing to come out already, but she insists that it'll happen when it'll happen. I am still trying to understand their complex world.

We hope that all that read this enjoy their Christmas and New Year! We love and miss our family and friends that are not here to share this holiday with us and hope that this letter finds all in good health! We will have another year end report of our missions in 2009!

Love to all,
The Horrocks Clan


kg said...

Cute idea! Have a very Merry Christmas and safe travels!

shari said...

So cute!!

Quincy Sorensen said...

A very fun letter! :)

Sara said...

Very clever Christmas letter! I enjoyed what Heath has been doing the most---he's hilarious! Your family had a very busy year--everyone/everything turned out great!

Tiffany Chamblee Funn said...

Congratulations on all your accomplishments! You've always had a knack for the decorator thing. Baby #5? Where has the time gone? Have a wonderful holiday and give all our friends hugs!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

awww. thansk for sharing your christmas card letter. haha

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