What happens when your kid gets a hold of your camera?

My secret life caught on film!

Hmmm, can we guess who took this?

The After Party Trash! To them it's art!

Yes...we do actually claim her! :)

This is just one of MANY booty shots, of Heath, my dear Alyssa took!

This is our "Unidentified Freaky Object"!

Last but not least...the funniest "CAUGHT ON CAMERA" one~by Chad!
Disclaimer: He really is JUST itching!


danakat said...

Those are great! And so funny because I have a whole post about the SAME thing! K got a hold of my camera over the holidays and went nutso. Kids!

I love you in curlers :), but my favorite is Tyson pick...oops, I mean scratching his nose.

Quincy Sorensen said...

I love the one of you in curlers . . . and you're fun for posting these.

kellibattraw said...

Those pictures crack me up!

Diana said...

Sharon love reading your stuff, just feel like a better person for having read it. Way to go.

Sara said...

Yeah, sure he was just itching!

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