Vampires Out at Twilight

Look at those red eyes! Human food just doesn't quite hit the spot like well...ummmm human blood! ha ha! :)

We had tons of fun going out with some of our dearest friends for some Mexican blood...I mean food and then off to see Edward eeeerrrr ummmm....Twilight! :)

J was cracking me up! He would laugh at parts (that you weren't supposed to) and make me laugh! R called Edward "Eddy" during our long discussion after the movie! And Tys ended up leaving right when the Climax was starting because a family member kept calling and we thought it must be serious if he called 4 times in a row, but it turned out he thought we were just accidentally hanging up on him! ha ha! Good thing he has read the book.

There are several opinions I have on the movie, but overall I enjoyed the movie. At first I thought this is just going to be way too cheesy for me, but got over that! I just wish that there were a few things that had stayed true to the book! Hollywood...they always think they can do it better and mess with others work! ;)
I think the guy who played Edward (as well as the lady who played Bella) did a great job and though he may not be a "Grecian God" he's still pretty good looking! After all the book describes his hotness from a teens point of view and those of us who have been through our yearbooks since school know what I am talking about...Eric from French class doesn't quite have the same level of cuteness he once did! *smile*


kmmclain said...

It looks like you had a great time. I still haven't seen it, but I am hoping to soon.

Roger, AnnaLee, and family said...

I really wanted to go with my sweetheart, however, my sister and her daughters invited just myself to go with them. We did the midnight movie-Fun, Fun, Fun! I was so tired the next day I came home slept until scripture time with the fam (4 hours later) and then crashed for another two. Loved the movie - and still want to go with my sweetheart! It was fun to see you with S and her DH. AP - my daughter went to Olive Garden for her (food) :) and absolutely loved the movie as well.

Sara said...

We had a great time and Ryan actually enjoyed the movie much more than I thought he would! We shouldn't wait so long before we all get together again!

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