The Answers to True and False Questions

For my b-day my hubby put together a true and false quiz for me. If you haven't seen it you can look at my post for it here. These all make me sound like such a great kid (no, no sarcasm here)! ;)

Here are the answers and some explanations! :)

1. False...as far as I know I have never (knock on wood) broken a bone in my body. I bruised my tailbone really bad last May and sometimes it still hurts so I am not sure if I actually broke it and don't want to spend the money on a doctors visit to find out something they can't even do anything about!

2. True...First off it was an air conditioner fan and I am glad it didn't do any damage to it or else I am sure I would not be here to tell the tale! Second, in my little mini-dad engineering mind, I thought that perhaps I could throw the baby frogs in between the fan blades if I just threw fast enough...it took me 3 to figure out it wasn't going to work! Another question he didn't have written down, but still asked was...Threw frogs on a window to see how long they'd stick? That was true. My step brother and I had a contest to see who's frog could stick the longest! Yes I was a bad kid! All this coming from someone who adores animals! :)

3. False...I hated seeing squashed frogs on the road and got mad if my siblings ever ran them over ( I guess I shouldn't even try to explain this after my last question) I was little who knows why kids do what they do! :)

4.True...It was my step sister. She and I were not getting along at all for several months and I had over heard her saying some awful things about me to her friends and thought I'd get even. The morning after I had swished, ok scrubbed the bottom of the toilet with her toothbrush, we were getting ready for school and after she brushed her teeth she said "You look happy!" I smiled and said "I am!" Oh yes I was the mastermind behind many covert operations in the home, but I have grown out of it and I openly admitted this to her after we had grown up and married and have since been forgiven! :)

5. False...this is something I would NEVER do! Though I did put crickets in my stepsisters bed (as a joke) once just because I knew she hated them with a passion! You should've heard her scream( ahhhh, the memories)...of course I ended up removing them for her. As we got older she has laughed about it all!

6. False...let's just say reading "How to eat Fried Worms" was enough for me and I was only ever dared to eat really hot stuff (and no I couldn't pass up a challenge)!

7. False....I am a pretty good driver and was at 16!

8. True...it is my hubby! I had several guys I had dated or seen, but never a real boyfriend! I couldn't be intersted in a guy more than 2 weeks...they annoyed me. I have just learned to tolerate Tyson's annoyances! ha ha ha!

9. True...of course you have to get me pretty mad to have me do this...like say when my dog stepped with a muddy paw on my Interior Design project I was up til 2 in the morning for almost 2 weeks doing! My hubby thought his life had been forfeited and that I just might live up to my threats of sending the dog to Korea when he annoys me! :)

10. True! There were some boys riding their bikes making fun of me and annoying me. So I thought I would take matters into my own hands and I grabbed a sock filled it with pebbles and chased them down the street with it swinging over my head...they told their mom who came to my house to talk to my dad and they ended up dating! Oh the irony!

Just so everyone knows I really am a changed person! I am nice...well for the most part*wink,wink*!

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Tiffany Chamblee Funn said...

It was fun getting to know more about you. The trivial stuff is always so interesting, isn't it?

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