Little One at 5 months

I think we have had enough (5 to be exact) ultrasounds that have proven we are not having an alligator!

I am soooo sure that if you could see her with skin, she'd be so pretty! But seeing as we can't do that imagine (as I try to), a mix of Alyssa and Bria...dark hair with green eyes...blonde with brown, hmmmm what do you think the next combination will be?

Her little face all exposed finally, after a little bit of playing peek-a-boo behind her hands

Every time I come home with more pictures the girls talk about how cute her ever so small rear is, point to ears that even I can't see and Heath laughs when I tell him she kicked me a lot. He says "ha ha...she kicks mommy hard! It fuuuunnnnny!" Then Chad says "yeah, she's cute" and moves on to what he was doing! :)

Here she has her feet crossed over

During these ultra sounds I have been a little weary by her major movement, ok let me rephrase, weary that she reminds me a lot of two little stinkers that have given me a run for my money. Hmmmm, who could that be? Let's see...does Bria and Heath come to mind? :) Good thing they turned out cute!

She rolled her back to us and unwillingly showed her parts to let us see for sure what kind of tie breaker she'd be! A dear friend went with me for this last one because Tys couldn't make it due to no time off with his schooling, but we had fun and enjoyed watching miss little bit move around!

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Amy said...

Ultrasounds are so fun! I'm sure no matter what combo this darling will be just as cute as all your others!

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