Alyssa's First Piano Recital

Last Friday night was Alyssa's very first piano recital! She was all calmness when she left and apparently when she got up to perform too! I was amazed she kept it all together! Of course I am sure that it helps knowing your own teacher, her grandma, and more than half the people watching were family members because 4 out of 5 of Grandma's pupils are her grandchildren! :) Tyson ended up taking her while I partied half the night away with a bunch of 10 year old kids. That was fun but very tiring!

When it comes to piano, Alyssa has had a harder time reading notes and also taking the time to practice, but is improving with her parents efforts as well as her older brothers. Though I think she prefers mine and Tyson's help over little drill sergeants! ha ha! But it is nice that he is willing to try and help even if he lets his frustration boil over a little more than needed! ;)

This weekend it is his turn to perform at his 3rd piano festival. Alyssa isn't quite ready for that this year, but we are hoping that with a years worth of practice and maturity she will be ready next time! Here is a little sampling of her playing!


danakat said...

Great job, Lyssa!

The Happy Haynie Family said...

Wonderful! How great it is to be able to take piano lessons from your own grandma!

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