Playing Blog Catch Up~Our Valentine's

Valentine's day has never really been a favorite holiday of mine. I remember in High School to raise money for things they would have heart-o-grams that you could send to friends and I remember only getting one or two (the entire 3 years of being in that school). At the time my ego felt pretty bruised because there were some guys and gals that received anywhere from 10-30 in just one day! Of course I now realize it was all a part of the social game that I never did care for and it really means nothing in the big scheme of things and it didn't mean that I wasn't loved by my other firends...I mean we were poor teens, but it sure was hard for my teen mind to overcome it the first year I was introduced to this part of the game. I also never really had a boyfriend in high school...well someone worth counting as one! So that made it frustrating too.

I recently read an article that talked about this holiday being made up to get consumers to buy during the dead season after the Holidays and I would believe it. I am still not a huge fan, but I now look at it a bit differently. I look at it as a time to focus on my relationships with those I love and to serve and show that I care. Sure it may center around the romantic kind of love to many, but I see it also as a time to do good for others. To pass on the Christmas spirit torch in a different way. I still try to make it special for my kids and explain it's not just for people who have a boy friend or girlfriend...it is for everyone!

For our V-day we had some yummy chocolates, a candle light dinner and movie after the kids went to bed and the kids received gifts from us. The boys were given some m&m's and Reese Pieces candies packed in a big heart and the girls received some pretty heart necklaces which they were thrilled about! So thrilled that they made me sit in the living room while they surprised me with a pepperoni and cheese sandwich with applesauce (we had just eaten lunch, so I saved it for later even though I don't really like that kind of sandwich). They even delivered it all on a tray to me! Such sweet thoughtful kids they are...let's hope it lasts well into teenagehood!

here is our little dinner (porter house steaks, asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes):


snbjork said...

I can totally relate to those stupid heart grams things! I hated high school. Truly.

We had almost that exact same dinner (we celebrated our v-day last night)! New York Strip steaks, asparagus & zucchini, mashed potatoes, and garlic bread. I couldn't even eat half the steak...too much food, but it sure was yummy!

That sure was sweet of your girls. How cute!

kg said...

What's your garlic mashed potato recipe??

Dawn, said...

Shawn and I just spent the whole day together, doing everyday things mostly... but we didn't answer the phone, and decided on goals for the summer, etc. Our lives have been so busy lately... that an uninterrupted day with him was ALL I needed. He was sure nervous though... he kept asking if there was 'something' more he could do... nope, nope, nope. I'm a simple gal and I think there are tons of out there!!

Sara said...

Yummy dinner! How did Tyson like the chocolates?

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