Ok, Ok...here is my HONEST List!

I was going to get to my honesty list, but it has been a VERY rough week and now that I actually am feeling good enough (it probably won't last long) to sit more than 5 minutes at the computer and I have some long sought after quiet time...I will give in and complete part of the rules for my "Honest Scrap Award".

10 HONEST things about me:

1. As a child I have loved broccoli, brussel sprouts and most veggies waaaay more than fruit! I still have a hard time with most fruit!

2. At a sleepover, I was 12, we egged a house next to us...their door froze shut because of it, cause we were in the dead of Minnesota winter. Man did we cry with laughter at the time...Good thing my dad never found out or else I wouldn't be here! If my kids ever do that they may not be here either! :)

3. I used to have all kinds of strays roaming around my yard because not only did I feed them and give them attention, but I cleaned their ears, treated all wounds and made them healthy again.

4. In High School a boy dared to touch my back side and just as I laid a BIG whack across his face the class had gone DEAD SILENT!!! The teacher just cleared his throat and moved on and the rest of the class (several with silent giggles) all continued their work!

5. I skipped classes my Jr. year of High School just to go to the movies with friends or go out to eat...ya know the fun stuff! It took 4 Saturday schools and a week of detention to pay for my crimes! Then I decided skipping wasn't worth it!

6. My sister had my husband picked out for me before he served a mission in Russia! I did the mash game in my journal one night before my Sr. graduation and needed an extra name and I put his...did it twice and both times his name was circled! Then I wrote under it "This game sucks!" Obviously, Tom Cruise wasn't circled!!! ;) To this day it is still in my journal and it makes me smile!

7. My 6th grade year we moved to Minnesota and in my math class we played "Around the World" (used to be my fave game) and because I had a very thick Texan accent, my teacher made fun of me in front of the entire class, and they joined in, and to this day I hate being called on or offering my voice to anything in a classroom setting...it's a hard one for me to overcome! I am trying so sometimes I will be vocal, but it is hard! Shame on him! Let's just say Minnesota wasn't very kind to me in that way! I got in trouble for saying "yes ma'am" and no one talked to me until I had been there a week unless they were telling me I was prejudice because I was Southern or asked if I knew someone from Amarillo when I was from the Ft. Worth area! ;)

8. I had post partum depression with every kid, but for almost 2 years with Bria!

9. I got ISS because my bus driver thought I was sassing her and because they claim to have had a camera on the bus, you can't fight the school system when they say that, after all it's their word and I was a kid...I swear I did NOT sass her, maybe another teacher, a male chauvinistic kind of teacher, but not her...she was a cousin too! In ISS a guy friend and I tapped Morse code and drove the teacher NUTS because she couldn't figure out who had done it! It was a great way to pass the time! ;)

10. If anyone tells my kids all of the mischievous things on here before they are married and responsible and have kids of their own...they WILL be hunted down! ha ha! I swear I have outgrown this mischief! ;)


kellibattraw said...

You were quite the trouble maker, weren't you! : ) I love your list.

karen said...

Wow. I was going to bug you about that skipping that part. But you gave in quick! Loved the list and hope you life gets back to normal soon!

danakat said...

I just wanted to thank you for not tagging me with this one. :)

Lisha said...

You make me laugh!

Tiffany Chamblee Funn said...

First off your page is gorgeous! I HAVE to learn how to do this! Second, I think I like you so much BECAUSE your the trouble making kind! A least were. ;)

snbjork said...

Wow, Sharon, I had no idea you were such a rebel!! I was the biggest goodie 2 shoes (well, almost). =)

How did you deal with your post partum, especially for TWO years??

Sara said...

Good for you for slugging that jerk who touched you. You will have to tell me more about Around the World. I've never heard of it before.

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