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Yes...it happens to be another of Bria, but this time it is from 6 months ago and was in the Hospital. Bria has always complained at times that her stomach hurts. Part of it is she has a disliking of most food...even after she has tasted it for the first time and says "Yummy!" she still clams up and refuses to eat it! Grrr! She especially dislikes anything that might be remotely healthy and it has caused for some bowel problems, but we have managed to keep it under control. Our rule is "you eat what's on the table or go hungry!" There have been days that she has gone hungry, but she has gotten a little more adventurous and eats fruits a lot more!

This time however, she was having severe abdominal pain while my hubby and I were out running errands and my sister was watching the kids. Apparently she had eaten a muffin and complained about her stomach about 20 minutes later and threw up. Not too long after that my sister called to tell us what was going on, so we stopped what we were doing and headed home. Poor girl, she could barely stand without screaming in pain and every time I moved her while walking she'd scream, cry and double over! So my sister and I took her to the clinic next to our house, but they saw the pain she was in and said we needed to go to the Children's E.R. So, we had to pack the poor kid back up and drive for about 30 minutes through traffic with her vomiting in the backseat and she couldn't stop throwing up! When we walked into the E.R we quickly got something for my poor kid to throw up in and eventually the nurse there had pity on her and gave her some meds to stop the vomiting. I have to admit that through all of this I couldn't help but look at all the kids that were there waiting looking happy, playing through whatever it was that they were there for and thinking..."My kid can't stop throwing up and screaming from the pain, you better let her in first!" But then I saw a family come in about 30 minutes later and this poor little 10 month old was covered in burns all over his face and body and went before us and believe me I WANTED them to go first, I was ready to rally if needed! It was nice to see them go back. A little life lesson in patience is what the Lord thought I should learn from this!

So, to make a long story short...after a cat scan (because they wanted to rule out appendicitis, since the pain was mostly on her right, and a few other possibilities), several blood tests and an over night stay, we found out that it was either really bad food poisoning or backed up bowels. It's hard to tell for sure which it was considering they both can effect you the same way, but we are pretty sure it was food poisoning because it started about 20 minutes after her muffin. None of the others got sick, but the doctor said you can have several people eat off the same thing and only one person could get food poisoning from it if it doesn't agree with their system.

It was hard to watch her have to go through all of those tests and the thought of it being something that might require surgery was a little scary, but I am glad it all turned out and wasn't worse.

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Kelli B
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karen said...

Wow. What a story! She's a doll and so glad she made it through it. Let me know when what helps her eat. I have one who only eats bread.

Jenni said...

I'm sorry sweet lil B had to go through all that! Does she have wheat allergies? Has she been tested?

hope said...

Wow! I am glad it was you and not me... I would have been the one crying with her.

Ad since you are the second one to tag me today, I am still just doing one!

Rebekah said...

what a trooper, poor thing. It's good that all went well. :]

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