Budding Artist

I tried to get him to sit still!

I continued to try and get him to sit still!

Obviously it is too much to ask an almost 4 yr. old to hold still while showing off hismasterpiece...well for any pic these days really! :) This is called "Spider Webs"! He was quite proud of it! I thought he did AWESOME (not that I am biased or anything...I mean he is so darn cute after all) ;) I think it is such a cute idea for the teachers to take a picture of them doing their art! That is what is in the upper left corner of his painting!

I try to keep the most important papers in a file for my kids and I try to keep their awesome handiwork as well, but find that I run out of room. So, when Chad was little we decided that if it was important to them, but couldn't keep it due to the lack of space, we would take a picture of them with it and of the masterpiece alone! So far it still leaves everyone happy in the end and the house less cluttered!


danakat said...

I love kid art. It's my favorite.
And Heath's is some of the best!

kellibattraw said...

I love the idea of taking a picture of your child with the art. I must remember that!

Wendyrful said...

We have taken some pic's of the kdis with their artwork, or some has been scaned in so that we have a good copy of the original art piece, etc. We have taken a few and put them in picture frames and hung them as artwork in the house... I love the pic's, how did they actually MAKE the spider webs? was it just what he happened to paint with a brush? or was that the actual 'artistic style' and a particular method the teacher had them do? It looks like fun!

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