The Impersonation Game

One night we all went as a family to Game Stop and allowed the boys to go in while we girls hung out in the van! We decided to play a game. The girls would do their best impersonation of what ever someone told them to. One was of an old man, a sexy lady(under the direction of Bria)...yes my kids know that word, but don't really KNOW that word, yet! They say it all the time... "Sexy Hot" or "Sexy Cool" ...as Bria likes to say! :) The things they pick up from who KNOWS where!
Anyways, we decided to impersonate people we know. So, I said to impersonate their daddy and this is what was said,

Alyssa: "I am going to count to three and if you don't shape up..."
Bria: "come here and get a spank!" She used a pretty good manly voice too!

I laughed so hard, especially after the next one!

Me: "Now do mommy!"

Bria: in her sweetest voice "I Love you!" Awwwww, I know! Sweet isn't it?
Alyssa: "You better stop that...Go to your dad to get a spank!" ha ha ha! That just cracks me up! The things you don't realize you just might do and say...it all comes out from the kids in the end! :) Of course Tyson was sad thinking that they look at him as the bad guy, but it was rather funny!

Later on when the boys got done with their shopping. They wanted to continue doing this game. Usually we do movie quotes. You say a quote and then the rest have to figure out what movie it comes from.

We decided to do a Barbie impersonation and Alyssa was awesome at that one. Then someone did one that totally blew Alyssa out of the water and they said "Hi! My name is Barbie! Tee-hee-hee!" It was HEATH!!!!!! The 3 yr. old!!!!!!!We were laughing so hard (all of us)! My boy amazes me sometimes! :) I am going to have to try and get him on video...too funny!


Sara said...

I can always count on Heath for a good laugh! Kids really show their true colors at games like this. I love it!

Bill said...

Tell Tyson not to feel too bad. At some point in my life the happy/frowny face for "If you chance to meet a frown do not let it stay..." song was presented in primary in the frowny position. When asked what that was one of my children honestly responded "Daddy!" :-(

danakat said...

You guys play fun games! I'm using that idea.
And Bill's comment cracked me up! hahahaha

shari said...

Tyson don't feel bad about being the bad guy. This world could certainly use some more bad guys. Brendan is grateful for his father's "intervention" that only a Dad can do. And so am I.

karen said...

This cracks me up! Bria doing you just made me laugh!

danakat said...

I have something for you on my blog today. Copy and paste it on your sidebar if you want. Love ya.

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