The Fashionista

This little girl LOVES clothing, accessories and shoes! She also likes to put her own outfits together and some days I have to bite my tongue and let her out in public in something I know I will be judged on as a mother, but I want her to learn and I want to let her develop her own creativity. There are times I will tell her my opinion and why some things just don't go together and sometimes she listens and other time she says "well I like it like that!" How can you argue with that? :)

One day when we were shopping she said "I am a Fashionista, mom!" I laughed and she giggled then in her energetic and joking voice said "Cause I LOVE clothes....I want to marry them!"

She is also a shoe-a-holic!


Shannon Carlson said...

Lucky girl to have a mom like you! I definitely think she has got some great 8 year old style. I let Ella dress herself too, she isn't as good at it as Alissa is!

Sandra said...

She so-o-o-o reminds me of Dana when she was little. By the time Dana was 2 she was picking out her own clothes. She has always had a better eye for fashion and design than her mother.

DaMomma said...

She is soooo much like Carly!!
Uncle Randy goes to Carly now to see if he is "dressed" properly. Funny!
And the shoe thing only gets worse, so start looking for deals now or tell her to start saving her bucks!
Fun blog!

kellibattraw said...

She is such an adorable girl, you're really going to have to beat the boys back in a few years. : )

danakat said...

You know, I would marry my clothes too. :)
I completely understand what she means. Cutie-girl.

Anonymous said...

You know I am not a bogger, but this has been very fun to look at your blog today. Love your maternity pictures.

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