So on that count down!

I am achy and I am tired and my belly button is flattening out, grrrrr! BUT I can still see my feet! YAY for me! :)

I only have about 5 weeks left and I am soooo getting ready for the big day. The crib is in, the bedding cleaned and put on the crib, the room which used to be a guest room/office is now mostly cleaned out and I have my 2 page nesting phase "to do" list close to being done! I will give myself another week or two and then I am going into confinement! ha ha!

I don't know why the nesting phase hits the way it does and why I always feel that I have to get a huge list done before the baby comes, but I do and this time around it has been a lot harder to do! I just don't quite have the energy I used to. Probably cause I am getting old and having to run around after 4 other kiddos! The funny thing is that I get frustrated when I don't get these things done and I know in my rational mind (it is in there somewhere) that most of these things do not matter one lick! But when I want something it is hard to focus on other things until I am done with what I was working for.

It is nice that I am getting things done even though it takes me 10 times longer! I feel like the tortoise in "The Tortoise and the Hair". The other day I was at the store and I was walking so slow that there were a few times people and their buggies were jammed up behind me, but hey you can't make a bum leg and back pain move any faster...especially on a pregnant lady! :) There weren't any rude people though and that made it better! :)

On another note...I am very proud of my sister, she passed a major exam and now has her MASTERS in Children's Literature! Congrats Michelle! Love you! She's just waiting for her paper that has it in writing! Now she is working on a Teachers Certificate so she can teach either Middle or High School! She will be done the same time Tyson is done with his MBA! Then we can have a huge Fiesta!

To see some of the things I have been doing around here, as well as the crib and bedding, check out my shabby2chic blog!


Amy said...

I love nesting. I guess that's just the list maker in me! I always have pages of to-do-lists before the baby comes. And you are right most of them don't matter one bit but man it feels good to get them done. The baby bedding looks gorgeous btw!

tyson said...

Hmm... Your ability to get less done probably has something to do with your husband's impaired ability to participate.

When I'm done with school a fiesta would be nice, but at this point what I would really appreciate is a siesta.

Sandra said...

Glad to know that the TO-DO list is almost checked off. I think that you are an amazing, talented person! You have a great husband, great children, and great friends. Life is good.

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