These are the Sundays we enjoy!
They all played really well together and the only fighting we had were from the girls over decorating their doll house. They both obviously had their strong opinions on the matter. They had been together a bit too long so we had them come downstairs and change up their activities. So they all decided to dust off some games and have fun!
Shhhhh! Don't tell him they are set up wrong. 1. He won't believe you and 2. He has no clue what they do anyways! :)

I am still unsure if she knows all the rules and wonder if Chad takes that to his advantage, but you can't argue when they are having fun!

He takes his games seriously!

Later that night we had our Family Home Evening because Tyson was going out of town the next day for a business trip! Bria had our activity and decided we should play hide and seek in the dark. I sat out and watched this time around cause my pregnant body was too tired! Normally I LOVE to play with them, but this time around it was nice to just sit back and see them in action! It was fun to watch them joking, hear Heath try his hand at counting to 23 missing half the teens in between, having them throw out clues as to where they are because they wanna be next and to just feel that we are a family!

When I was a youth my step siblings, brother and I Loved this game and would look forward to the weekends my dad and step mom were gone because we had the house to ourselves! We totally became Hide-N-Seek in the dark experts! We would cover all the windows that were near any outside sources of light with thick, dark blankets, even going to the extreme of covering all clocks in the rooms we would be using and make the person counting go in a very far corner of the house and listen to blaring headphones so as to not have ANY clue as to where people might hide! Yes, we probably took this game to a whole new extreme, but it was AWESOME! My brother would sit in the middle of the very dark living room or against a wall out in the open and watch or sense us walking around him trying to find him. I was known for being able to squish up and hide in the tightest spots or I would scale the door frame and watch as the person who was it would walk underneath me! Others would hide just by laying on the couch or a bed. The only room off limits was the Master Bedroom. You DIDN'T dare go in there! :)
After we would have fun chatting and laughing about who hid where and the events that had unfolded. It created some special memories and bonds between us. I am glad that this is a game my kids can enjoy together and pass down to their children! Good traditions always make for happy times!


snbjork said...

What fun family time! Your hide n seek in the dark sounds fun...and creepy. It's so neat to see all of your kids playing well together and enjoying family time!

karen said...

You are getting so close to having 5! Wow. Sounds like a great day and I would have sat out too. Enjoy your spring break. Kind of stinks Tyson is gone.

Amy said...

what a fun day! Your hide and seek sounds awesome!!! I love fun games taken to the extreme. It shows creativity. :)

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