The Entertainer

Last week was Heath's Spring Program for pre-school. I walked in with small expectations on his performing considering that in his last program (the Christmas one) he yelled out "MOMMY" in excitement of seeing me there then he defiantly sat down behind a kid periodically peering out from behind his legs to make sure that my attention was still fully on him! But this time he blew a kiss to me still happy to have all of my attention and he actually participated! Of course he was goofy at times and he got a little impatient having to stand through 4-5 songs and even yelled "Thank You" after one performance cause he wanted to be done, but I was glad he at least participated! Even his teachers all praised him for his good participation! He is such a cute ham sometimes! Life wouldn't be the same without him!

In one of the videos he makes sure that the little girl next to him is in her spot then in the other he can be heard saying "Ball Game", and "strike" loudly! He is the last kid on the second row.

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Sandra said...

Too cute! I'm not sure that Heath will ever need a microphone. Sorry I missed the performance; the kids are always so precious - no matter what they end up doing!

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