We enjoyed it while it lasted!

It snowed on Sunday and it was like Christmas for the kids! They loved it and wish for snow all the time...finally they got their wish even though it lasted only a few short hours!

To tell you the truth I am NOT a snow fan! I hate the cold and long for Spring! I love 70-80 degree weather! I lived in Minnesota for 5 years and was ready to go back to Texas after the first year there! :) Living there I did learn how to drive in the snow so that is good and it makes being in the South during any type of snow funny now!

Yesterdays snow is like October early November in Minnesota. That is the worst kind...wet snow. It seeps through layers of clothing and just makes things miserable when you are going to and from places. Not to mention messy. When the kids came inside they tracked tons of wet stuff all over and it made me wanna mop! You definately need a mud room for this kind of stuff! :) So, yes I am glad I am back in my South and that my kids can enjoy an occasional freak of nature at times!

Their Favorite part? Snowballs! Chad is waaay into them since he has started reading "Calvin and Hobbes"!
Heath built his first snowman or rather snow baby, with his daddy!
One of the reasons why I dislike sow...it sticks to everything like a parasite and leaves HUGE watery messes behind, but Alyssa enjoyed herself!
Daddy and Heath placing the snowman somewhere!
We even had some neighborhood kids come in the back with us and they all enjoyed a fun snowball fight! Ok so maybe those are the nice things about snow and I wouldn't complain too much if they got to enjoy it all a little but longer (after all sledding is pretty fun especially when it is icy), but I am glad that I don't see snow from Oct.-May anymore! :)


Amy said...

I'm not a fan of snow either but I agree there are a few fun things about it. Looks like your kids enjoyed it! Love the cute baby snowman.

kellibattraw said...

I think we have the best of both worlds... enjoying the snow a couple of times a year. : )

Sara said...

It was a welcome sight at our house too. But you're right about the mess--I forgot how messy it is when it snows. Mud and wet everywhere. Ewww.

Rose said...

Hey Sharon;

Bryant and I watched from the warm safety of our sunroom as the snowflakes fell. As we are both battling colds Jason was taking care of us so we weren't allowed outside to play LOL

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