Thanks, Wendy! It's always nice to have something new to do!

The rules are simple. Answer each question, plug your answer into Google Image Search (go to google.com and click on images in the upper left corner), and pick a picture from the first page of images from your search results.
Age at next birthday:
For Legal purposes.

My forever age-

A place I would like to travel:

Your favorite place:

Your favorite object:
Your favorite food:

Your favorite color:

Your favorite animal:

The city you were born in:
(Suffolk, VA.)
The city where you live:
Name of past pet:

Your first name:

Your middle name:
(Lynn...not Jamie)

Your last name:
Bad Habit:

Your first job:Name of grandmother:
The train is Mavis...and that's about the same face my Grandma had! :)

College grad/occupations/degree:
(one of the hardest jobs in the WORLD)

I now tag...Melissa, Sara, Suzanne, Kelli, Jenni L, Aunt Susan and anyone else who really has an itch to do this!


Wendyrful said...

fun pics! perpetually 29! too funny.

kg said...

I've been enjoying reading these...fun!

Dawn, said...

We have so many of these in common... sushi NOT being one of them. I've tried it several times... I give up, grin.

Quincy Sorensen said...

This was fun to read (err, look at!).

Natalie said...

I enjoyed learning a few new things about you. I am anxiously waiting to hear of little Laney's arrival. Thinking of you!

karen said...

I am loving this. I think we make it Baskin Robbins for 31 cent night. Sounds good to me.

lisaschaos said...

So many beautiful images! I love red too! That balancing job looks a lot harder nowadays!

danakat said...

The train face in connection with your Grandmother's cracked me up!!! LOL

Sneaky Momma said...

This is cool! I just may have to do this one! :)

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