Dare Devils

Me ate about 7 years old!
As a child I did A LOT of dare devil things:

such as running from the end of the hall upstairs and leaping with all my might off the top of the stairs as a 4 year old. I had seen my brother jump off the stairs a ton of times, but didn't realize at the time that he had done it from the 4th step! So, in mid air I decided that I didn't want to do it anymore and then ended up flat on my back staring blankly at the ceiling on the bottom floor. I hadn't rolled down the stairs...fell straight from the top. My sister who was abt. 13 at the time FREAKED and called my Aunt to check on me cause she thought I was dead (and in reality I shoud've been hurt more, but I believe I was helped from a higher power)! ;) As I lay there I don't remember feeling any pain (my sister says I was lying there for a very long time not moving or blinking). I just sat there thinking about what had just happened and I remember just lying there feeling like I couldn't move, I couldn't feel my body and then as soon as my Aunt came and helped me up I was fine. Of course I ended up getting a spank, as if a kid deserves that after plunging to their death, and then all was fine.

Then there was the time my step siblings and I decided to ride our bikes as fast as we could in the rain and we'd abruptly step on the brakes to skid across the road. Little did we think about road burn or other serious injuries that we could receive. So you get the point that there is or was a dare devil in me, but not in my little Alyssa.

When she was little she NEVER would climb anything nor jump from anything. Unlike her older brother who scared us because he jumped off anything he could climb no matter the height, at 18 months old. There were several times we had to take him in due to bloody lips that we thought might need stitches or teeth we thought might fall out, but Miss Lys was content to keep both feet on the ground. Until now. She recently learned how to ride her bike with only 2 wheels and has been doing great and 2 days ago she decided to do a wheely (all on her own no peer pressure there was no one around to see it anyways)!!! This is what happend:
Poor kid walked a little ways back to our house from her collision with the sidewalk to get help! Good thing my hubby was home cause I was laid out sick during this time!

After the accident she said she would NEVER ride again!!! I told her the story of when I fell and slightly scratched myself and saw blood. Then ran to daddy crying and he said "It's just a scratch you don't need to cry over that!" then a few weeks later I got into a bigger bike accident and walked my bike 2 blocks back home and went inside to my dad and said "Look DADDY! I didn't cry!" and he said "AWE! Baby you can cry about that!!!" So, I said "Alyssa you can cry and you don't have to ride your bike again until you are ready!"

My poor little girl! It makes me hurt just looking at her! But once again my non dare devil braved another day on her bike and this is what happened!

2 more trophies to add to her new found dare devil self! And she still wants to keep riding her bike! You go girl! I love this kid. Just when you think you have her personality pegged down she goes and surprises you with something new and amazing about her!


Quincy Sorensen said...

These pictures elicited big groans from me and Kirk. Feel better soon, Dare Devil A!

Sandra said...

Ouch!! Isn't the saying - "No pain. No Gain"? Hopefully, this pain has brought new feelings of independence and perseverance.

danakat said...

Oh sweet Lyssa! :(
Her "boo boo" on her face makes me cringe.
She is awfully brave to go back for seconds. :)

Sara said...

Bikes have brought bad luck for both our families lately. Poor Alyssa! Tell her no more wheeleys!

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