A Little Bit of Heath

Have you ever wondered after having your child what you did before they came...aside from a full nights rest and "No-No" or "That's yucky" was far from your vocab?

Well I have thought that about each of mine and this one has definately taught me that some times you have to laugh when they pee in the backyard and say "Look I am a doggy!" when caught red handed, when he streaks across the neighbor hood naked and you come home to find out he snuck out when the babysitter was in the bathroom and your fence guy asks if that was your kid in his b-day suit. Ok the list could go on and on, especially for this little guy, but I really have learned how to adore this kid for who he is and the way he thinks!
This kid LOVES his Bumble Bee Transformer shoes. I remember liking him in the Transformer cartoon as a kid. It is amazing to see all the things I used to love growing up, coming back for my kids to love.

He goes through phases of who he wants to be. First it was Spiderman, then Superman and now Incredible Hulk!
These two are TIGHT...they are also partners in crime. Heath used to drop food for him all the time when we ate something he didn't want. Heath used to frame the dog for things, but is now back on good terms again! Remember the doughnuts story? :)

5 things about Heath:
1. His fave color is blue! He comments on all the clothes I wear that have blue and informs me over and over again that that is his favorite color in the WORLD! :)
2. He told his pre-school teachers that he loves playing doll house with his sisters...little do they know that when he plays there is much destruction and the girls get mad...he is improving. They have given him his own house to play with and let him do what he wants to it with only a few rules! :)
3. He has had the most time outs in pre-school and Bria is next in line for that prize.
4. He loves to draw.
5. He absolutley 100% LOVES his Grandaddy (my dad) and prays for him EVERY night...and for awhile that was ALL he prayed for, but we finally have him praying for more things now ;)

Shortly after having Laney. I was sitting in the rocker when Heath came up to me and excitedly said while pointing to my belly, "You have another baby in yo tummy?"

I replied, "No there is no baby in there. Laney was the only baby in there and now she is here!"

Then he thought quickly on his toes and said, "Oh! Then it's just fat?"

This is what flashed in my mind with a sigh:Yes kid it is JUST fat!!! Now go away! ;)
Then I said, "Yes, but mommy will lose it one day!" All he did was left with a non interested "Oh!"

The other night we were watching home videos from when Tyson got home from his mission and Chad said he wanted to go on a mission to Russia and Bria said she wanted to go on a mission too. Then Heath piped in "I wanna go on a BOWLING mission!" ha ha! I am sure someone out there can think of how to relate that to the Gospel! ;)

You'll have to excuse me from not being a part of blogging land for some time. I have blog stalked a little and wanted to comment, but barely had the time to really even read the blogs I was stalking.I have been fighting another bad breast infection. This one has totally whooped my tail this time! But I am optimistic that I will heal and be able to continue with being a mommy! All in due time. I just have to ride this one out!

I hope to one day soon be able to get back into blogging more, but in the meantime I am just going to nurse, nurse, NURSE!!! ;)


Natalie said...

Sharon, these are cute thoughs about Heath! What a fun little boy! I hope you keep feeling better!

Amy said...

Stories like this bring me joy. I've found out that not every boy is like that so I felt like there was something wrong with mine. So sorry you aren't well. I hope it passes quickly. We totally need to get our boys together for a play date! Heath is a cutie!

hope said...

From the mouth of babes! Sometimes it is not fun!! He is so cute.

Keep nursen gal! We'll see you when you come!

Julie said...

Cute pics! I always got on the computer while I nursed. I learned to comment typing with one hand. LOL!!

Sarah Menini said...

I, too, am an avid breast feeder. You seem to be having a similar issue I had with my last baby -chronic mastitis. Have you tried Lecithin. It is a supplement in the vitamin aisle you can pick up at Target. My midwife recommended it to lower the chance of getting "clogs". I checked it with Pediatrician and he said it was fine. Check it out. I think it helped me!

Sharon said...

Thank you Sarah M. for the info. I will definately give that a try!

Lisa said...

Very cute. I hope you continue to feel better. We need to do something fun when I get back!

shari said...

OMg! I didn't know you had another infection. You are really taking a beating after this baby. Heath is the best!

Kimberly Cone said...

Haha. Love the part at the end about nursing. That is all that I do, too! So fun.

Sara said...

Heath cracks me up! Hang in there with nursing. It has to get better from here, right?

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