Pet Peeves and the Heebie Jeebies

My top 10 pet peeves (not in any specific order):

1. people blowing on my face! My brother used to like pinning me down and blow on my face for fun cause he knew that I hated that...gotta love big brothers!

2. facades and social games

3. unsolicited advice: if I wanted to know I would have asked.

4. hearing people chew...especially gum!

5. the sound of my dog licking himself at odd hours of the night!

6. computer and video games...time wasters!!! I also get frustrated cause the controller never does what I want it to do! ;)

7. people who spoil plot in books or movies when they KNOW I haven't read or seen it yet and REALLY want to! (It about killed my hubby when he had to keep the 7th Harry Potter ending from me and when he wanted to crack I would get mad, plug my ears and say "I don't want to know!") I like surprises and don't like them to be spoiled. I usually keep surprises much better than my dearest! :)

8. When people cut me off in traffic or don't use their blinkers...really, where do they get their liscences!?!? From the cracker jack box?

9. when people say my hubby is so perfect and I KNOOOOOW he isn't cause he doesn't put his stinkin' clothes away when I have asked him to a million trillion times! :)

10. people who give me the heebie jeebies like in the picture below...and this kid KNOWS it and STILL does it...Must be like his Uncle! :)

Gotta love your kids!


Sara said...

Didn't know about the face-blowing pet peeve! And I agree with you about video games. I will never understand why guys like them so much.

Holcomb Lady said...

YUCK!!! I hate that!! Ewww!

Okay, I confess, I play Animal Crossing on the Wii each day to keep up the garden in the town that the kids and I have created there. Other than that, yes. I agree. My kids can spend an entire morning on the video games and not realize that breakfast is DONE!

Natalie said...

I like your pet peeve list, a few things I didn't know. Congrats to Tyson & you, 1/2 way is huge!!! I love the picture of the kids back to school, I do have one question...is there any way you could post a few pictures of little miss Laney??? I know, I'm a little demanding, I just feel like I haven't seen her in a really long time!!! :)

Sarah (and a few others) said...


Your husband is perfect.

Stefanie H said...

HAHA! That last picture made my eyes water :\... I hate the dog licking thing too, I'll sit up and snap my fingers really loud or scream the dogs name to make them STOP!!!!! haha

tyson said...

My favorite weapon is the blowing in the face - I save that for special occasions.

karen said...

You have totally put a smile on my face. What a fun post! Have a great day.

Organized Nutrition said...

Hey it is Denai Carter... Remember me??? Anyways, I am glad I found your blog, it has been fun to look back and read..... I will follow often!

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