Summer Fun--More Jesup


My dad is one of the main reasons we go to Jesup! We all LOVE him! Even Laney-bug!


The kids enjoyed the many, many, many days of rain that we had. We were fishing when it started to pour one day and the kids decided that instead of running for cover they would enjoy the moment! They sure do make me smile!


This is a cow ant. I grew up seeing these a lot, but this one was HUGE! This one was about the length of my big toe and half as wide. I would've taken a pic with my toe next to it, but you'll find out why I happily trashed the idea in the next paragraph! Also just a little FYI...if you are going to try and smash it be prepared to be stomping on it for quite awhile! :)

We saw it on the porch and when it saw us it took off so fast that at first I thought it was a very tiny mouse or shrew!

They are basically wingless wasps and supposedly are really painful when they sting (I am not one to try that out soooo I hope it all stays "supposedly" for me and mine).

My dad has a pond in the front of his place with lily pads and you can hear the fish smack at them to catch bugs.

There are bird houses all over that say "house for sale", "lease optional", or "No Loitering" on them...gotta love all of my Uncle's sense of humors! :)

They have some beautiful old machinery...my fave is the old firetruck (what can I say, I am a sucker for vintage)!

They also have several gardens that are either a 1/2 acre or an entire acre! They all work a little on each. There are also several really old beautiful Live Oak trees and pecan trees! On your way down there are several pecan plantations that go on for miles! It's really quite beautiful!

And FINALLY below is my FAVORITE thing to see when I go to see my family because it means we are home...the tobacco shed which was never really used for tobacco. It was mainly a corn crib during my dad's time and now for storage of run down things. Not much longer and the thing will be gone. It kind of makes me sad because this has been the one main constant of that land. I will miss it!



Dawn, said...

Playing in the rain is so wonderful. I ran to grab something out of our old barn last weekend, and while heading back to the house it started to pour. I got silly and laid on our front walk, relaxed, and got soaked. Ty came out to join me, and I think my coolness in his eyes raised a few points.

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Love the ant, very cool! The last photo is awesome and would look great on canvas; over the couch maybe. :)

Sounds like a great place to visit!

Thanks for stopping by!

Honey Mommy said...

Those are some awesome photos! I love the one of the barn. I see buildings like that every time I go to wyoming. Now you have inspire me to stop and take a picture next time!

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