A Little Bit Alyssa

When I was abt. 2 months into my pregnancy with her, I somehow knew I was having a girl and we were on a walk around our apartment complex, trying to figure out a name, when I said "Hey, how about the name Alyssa?" We LOVED it! :) Then we thought we would call her "Ally", but when she was born we thought "Nope. She is not an Ally, she is Alyssa!"

Alyssa is:
tender hearted
quietly stubborn
the little mama of the family

She wants to grow her hair out to donate it again!

She has a way with all the other kids. Chad loves talking with her, Bria shadows her all the time and she is usually patient with it, Heath goes to her for comfort and Laney loves being held by her!

Alyssa has been begging me to teach her how to sew. I really want to teach her, but with a 4 month old and 4 other kids, homework, house, BIG dog and 2 cats, it has been hard to even think let alone teach someone something! :)
So one day Grandma came over to see if Miss Lys wanted to come over for a little bit and sew a blanket. Alyssa was on cloud 9!!! This was her final product and what made her day even more...is it is going to be donated to the NICU!


Sara said...

Nope, she's definitely not an Ally. But she sure is sweet and a great sister!

Amy said...

She is a beautiful girl inside and out and what a blessing to everyone in your family.

hope said...

That is awesome! I had so much fun teaching her last year in SUnday School! What a sweetheart!

Quincy Sorensen said...

What a fun and meaningful project with Grandma! It looks beautiful . . . like the girl holding it.

Organized Nutrition said...

What a beautiful daughter!!!! You are a very lucky woman... ya know that!!!!!!! I too am glad that we found eachother again!!!!!!!!

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