I USED to...

...say "vanilla" envelope instead of "manila" envelope cause that is how I thought it was said since I was about 5 yrs. old and NO ONE corrected me until I was in my 20's...boy do I feel sheepish. Maaa maaaa!

...think that surely a parent could keep scissors and writing utensils away from children and keep them from writing and cutting things they shouldn't...then I had kids!

...want a horse, but my dad always said "No"! and in my frustration I said "When I grow up I am getting MY horse and NOBODY is gonna STOP me!!!" Now I have a dog that is as big as a Shetland pony (ok not quite, but he is big) and now that I know how much work it takes to own a pet, I NEVER want a horse! ha ha! My dad always gives me the "I told you so" look!

...love Buffet Restaurants, but now I can barely finish eating a full plate so it isn't worth my money.

...have trouble getting to sleep at night, but now I am out within minutes...when I actually get to bed! :)

...dislike Russians because I grew up at the end of the Cold War Era, so I didn't trust them, but then I married someone who lived there for 2 years who loved the people. Then I met a few myself and have learned that a countries people are separate from their politics.

...think that I would be the one to teach my kids about the computer, but have found that they know WAY more than I do and one day Chad at the age of 4 had to show ME how to do something!

...think that I would have a perfectly clean house, but soon learned that it was either the kids being happy learning, exploring and having fun or me yelling and being frustrated all the time.

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Sara said...

Amen on the scissors/writing utensils. You can keep 'em locked up and the kids will still find a way to cut their own hair or scribble on a wall.

hope said...

I love it!!!

Organized Nutrition said...

What a great post!!!!!! I might have to steal some ideas for my blog!

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