Saying Good-Bye

Nikolai has been missing for about 7 weeks now. We tried to hold out for him to see if he would magically reappear like he has done in the past when has gone missing for a week, but it was never more than a week. He disappeared right before we went to Brazil. He was 11 and a half years old and was a full time outside cat, but he was our baby. None of our kids have known life without him. After I got back from Brazil and while Tyson was still down there the kids and I talked about it that Sunday morning before church. Everyone cried and one child about lost it. She was almost hyperventilating. I cried. I wasn't only sad about my cat, but also to see my kids have to go through another part of life that is hard to explain and to accept.

It has been a few weeks since we have talked about it, but the kids will periodically say how they miss him and I will have my moments where I pull in the driveway expecting him to run out waiting for us to pet him as we are heading into the house. We still have Misha and Nadia and that makes them feel a little bit better. If you didn't hear the latest news on Nadia, you can go here.

It sure is hard to say "Good-bye".


He was part tabby, part Siamese. The kids and I always thought his eyes were awesome because they crossed a little bit.


I was 5 months along with Chad when I found Nikolai stuck in a gutter right outside our apartments. The firemen came to the rescue for me. So nice of them. Though they said they really aren't supposed to help in those situations. They came because they said they had nothing else to do. :)


This is his famous "I am getting aggravated with you" face. His tail would twitch too. We always thought it was kind of funny until he literally nailed ya! He had some sharp claws too.



shari said...

So sorry Sharon. You were the one I called just before Clark took Merritt to be put to sleep. I still remember just calling you and crying and knowing you would understand. I hope Nikolai and Merritt are getting along now.

hope said...

It is not a fun thing to lose a family pet. I know you all loved him.

On a side note, the Brock's cat is preggers. If you all are interested in a free kitten, let Lauri or Jonathan know. It should be a couple months before they are born and then ready to leave their mommy.

danakat said...

Oh Nikolai...I remember the day you got him. And I remember his crazy kitten days when he scared the mess outta me. He has always been such a staple of your family. I know he will be missed always.

karen said...

This are such hard times. I am so sorry. I think it is great that you have such nice pictures of him.

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