I, being the bad example that I am, taught my 7 year old daughter a song. It goes something like this (and you have probably heard it before...catchy tune.) "If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, you're gonna have to marry an ugly wife".

Bria then went upstairs singing it and Chad who was quite offended demanded to know who taught her that song. Then she ratted me out, rather quickly I might add, and I soon got the how-dare-you-teach-her-THAT from the family drill sergeant. :)

Stubbornly, and a little defensively I might add, I told him that it was just a funny song that I had heard when I was little and it was harmless.

Then he replied in his proud and matter of fact tone, "well if that was true then my sisters would NEVER get married"!

Oh how I LOVE that little boy, that isn't quite so little anymore, who first made me a mommy! AND these moments when you can record that your boy admits his sisters are pretty! No, I am never going to let him live it down because that is the awesome mom that I am! But we will be sure to let him know that because of it he is a KEEPER!  :)


Jenni said...

How sweet! Love that he is so defensive of his sisters - they are such beautiful young ladies! Cute tune - guess Howard will be a happy guy for the rest of his life ;-p

hope said...

I love how he is such a gentleman with his sisters. He will make a great husband someday to a very lucky gal!

Amy said...

That's a cute story.

kellibattraw said...

What a sweet story. You're obviously doing a good job raising him. : )

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