So much for a SICK free weekend

On Saturday morning my friend that had Heath called to say that the poor kid could barely breathe and he threw up 2 times that morning. For those who don't know, Heath is an asthmatic and was diagnosed in the hospital at 18 months old. I was still feeling quite miserable myself, but got Laney ready and drove to pick him and the girls up. His breathing was awful! I thought that we were going to end up in the hospital by that evening because I am an asthmatic myself and he was breathing like a fish out of water (not a fun feeling believe me), but with several Nebulizer treatments we were able to get it under control (for the most part, it takes a few days of it to get him back on track).

My SIL, Marie and her husband Jon, took the kids for me while we ran to the Urgent Care. We were only there for a little over an hour and found out that we both have a severe case of strep. Well that would explain the daggers-running-down-my-throat feeling whenever I swallowed (seriously hurt so bad I considered using a spittoon...ok not really seriously, but the thought did cross my mind :)) Of course my throat hurt a little worse after the lady swabbed me leaving no part of my tonsils unturned. So now we are on antibiotics, threw all toothbrushes away and are crossing our fingers that it is all done with.

Later that day my MIL took several of the kids to her house until daddy came home to pick them up so that I could rest and when she asked Chad if he wanted to go he said, "No, I want to stay home and take care of my mom and then play outside for a bit". Such a sweet kid! And he did take care of me. He cleaned some of the kitchen and got Heath situated in front of a movie with a blanket and his medicine. Chad even came into give me some Tylenol because he kept telling me that I needed to take the pain away so that I could rest. I think I will keep him and will have a hard time giving him up when he decides to get married!

I am very proud of my two eldest children. They really did take care of me. The first night I was sick and hubby gone, the kids watched Laney while my MIL took Heath and Bria for a couple of hours. They got her ready for bed and when the others came home, Chad put them to bed while Alyssa put Laney to bed. There were a few times that Drill Sergeant Chad came out barking orders when someone fell out of line, but it all worked out.

These are the moments every mom enjoys seeing the fruits of her labors. Of course now that I am almost 100% better, the every day arguing over chores has resumed. This morning a certain somebody drug their feet when told he had to take out the garbage and the murmuring continued, so in the end they are still kids that are known to be superheroes from time to time. ;)


Tyson said...

Fear not, my fair maiden! Thy knight in shining armor will be liberated from his rigorous educational pursuits within two fortnights, after which time he will swoon over thee, his love, and make amends for thy travails.

It is nice to see the kids starting to mature a bit, isn't it.

I don't know why you always choose the weekends I'm gone to get sick. Are you just trying to get sympathy or what?!

Sharon said...

Thanks for the laugh, Tyson...er ummmm, I mean my Knight in Shining Armor! :)

Wendyrful said...

you guys have some pretty awsome kids! Glad you are feeling better. Wow, you have been sick so many times at your house while Tyson is gone for school... I wonder if you'll all be healthy once he graduates. ;-) (that was cute Tyson!)

hope said...

You two!

Sorry to hear about all the yucky sickness. Strep has been bad all around madison it seems. Ranoah had it so bad weeks ago that she had to have a shot of pennecilin. (That was fun.) So glad you are on the mend. Having my tonsils out FINALLY was great!! I don't miss them at all!!!!

And Tyson, it is not sympathy we are asking for... just for you guys to come home. If getting sick is how to get you all to come home and stay home... Just kidding. Happens all the time here.

Sarah (and a few others) said...

Chad's such a great little man. You should be proud.

shari said...

Oh Sweet Chad, the Knight in training. Your kids are great. Sorry I couldn't help you out this weekend. I bet you will be glad when within two fortnights your Shining Knight can bring you your Tylenol.

Shaunte' Smith said...

Oh my I'm sorry I am just now reading your posts about being so sick...of course after you are better right...glad you had some help, Chad is awesome! Let me know if I can help, Please!!

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