Happy Mother's Day


(Photo taken by Kim at A Greenfield Photography) 
Making a decision to have a child--it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.~Elizabeth Stone

Today my loving family let me take a rather long nap. Of course it was riddled with interruptions at first, but after awhile they let me sleep in peace. I woke to the smell of my favorite foods being cooked. There was steak, asparagus and rolls with some white sparkling grape juice. Then they tried making me a molten cake where it is cake on the outside with a warm chocolaty middle. It turned out, by mistake, to be like chocolate custard rich and VERY yummy! It was a great meal to end the day with.

Over the years my mother's days have not been quite so blissful. I had it in my head that a good mother's day meant that all things went well and smoothly on this special day because it is all about me. I have had to learn that just because it is a great holiday and would ideally be much better and more enjoyable with all the kids smiling, helping to get to church on time and doing things without complaint, it is still a day that I am a mommy and my kids are still kids. It is a day to celebrate all that mommy's do and go through to be good moms. Although this mother's day was no different, filled with all things a mother deals with: fighting and bickering over small silly things, I chose to look at it differently and enjoy the good moments more. Though the day was a little frustrating at times, it still left me with a warm feeling in my heart knowing that I had chosen the better part of womanhood. To be a mother. Thank you to my wonderful and mostly happy family who leaves me laughing despite the frustrations that can occur in life. 
Happy Mother's Day to all who share their mothering hearts to the world!


kellibattraw said...

Well said... you are inspirational, and sweet too! : )

kg said...

I love that quote, hope you had a great day!!

Natalie said...

What a cute pic of your kids and I love that quote as well. I hope your day was wonderful, you deserve it!

hope said...

Adorable quote to start it off with.

I remember quite frequently my mother being sick on Mothers Day. I always hoped I wouldn't follow in her steps. And gratefully, so far, I haven't.

Happy Mother's day to you... ALL!!

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