The Boy Who Could Fly


Heath and I went flying with Grandpa (Tyson's dad). Heath was very excited to go flying. He even took extra special care of his headphones as we walked out to the plane. We call it the "McDonald's Plane". Heath didn't like it. He had set his sights on the much cooler one that was out there, but after some explaining as to why we were taking this one and not the other one, he was fine with it. After all he was happy that he was about to fly!


He made friends with everyone there. A guy that had just come in from flying this plane was bombarded with a ton of five year old questions, but answered them patiently. His name was Joe and Heath didn't forget it. He used it every time he thought the guy wasn't listening or answering as quickly as Heath would have liked. Which ended up being almost the entire time. Dennis the menace ain't got nothin' on my kid! :)


Answering all of Heath's questions while at the same time making sure everything was in good working order so we didn't have to practice any emergency landings. ;)


He looked a little too happy to be in the plane by himself, so I made sure to take a quick shot before entering myself. This is the look I get when I tell him "No" and he goes and does it anyways. Spunk, that is what he has.


During our flight we talked through a mic to each other and periodically there would be a loud static noise. I would look around trying to figure out why we were getting so much static when I finally looked over to see Heath with a HUGE grin on his face as he began blowing into the mic, again. He was quite pleased with himself. I am sure that my taking pictures of him didn't help the situation either, but he is just the cutest mischievous boy I have ever seen.



This was the most awesome part of the flight. Heath and I enjoyed it snuggling arm in arm (his idea). I LOVE that kid. Spunk and all.


kellibattraw said...


Quincy Sorensen said...

What a fun date, Sharon! I bet Heath will always remember what a fun and special experience this was.

karen said...

That is the coolest thing. Gotta love a Granpa that can fly with his grandkids. Simply magical.

Shaunte' Smith said...

That sounds like it was a blast... I bet Heath was on cloud nine (literally)=)

Natalie said...

Sharon, I love your pictures, they capture this memorable experience so well. What a treat for Heath.

danakat said...

You didn't get airsick?? Impressive. I about lost it when we went up with Dave. Bleh.

But I love your story! :)

Sarah (and a few others) said...

That is soooooo cool. I mean it.

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