Our Little Class of 2010


Last night, Heath graduated preschool! He was a ham as usual, but instead of getting uptight and thinking, "OMGoodness! Where did we go wrong!?!" we just laughed. Though I admit there were a few times that he looked for me and I shook my head in disapproval with some of the silly things he did. I have to be the parent sometimes.

Right as the program was to begin, Tyson and I looked at the paper with the program printed on it and saw that they had all the kids answers to "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Well after reading the cute "police officer, teacher, nurse, veterinarian." answers we saw his. It said "King"! We couldn't stop laughing because that is SO a Heath response! :) He keeps me smiling and I absolutely am in LOVE with this kid of mine! There really is never a dull moment with this child.


My baby's all grown up! :)


All of my kids have gone here for preschool and it is sad that we are taking a break, but one day Laney will go there.


Heath was so ready to be done with all things graduation and pictures., but we had to get some pics with Grandpa and Grandma.


With his best friend and partner in crime, Sam, who was also ready to be done with all things graduation. As evidence of his lack of graduation cap and gown. ;)  They are both so similar in that they think "differently", but go about life as opposites. They are a perfect BFF match! :)


Mrs. Debra was one of his awesomely patient music teachers. She had all of my kids too. She also knows my MIL pretty well. It's a small world.


This is Mrs. Carol. She is a favorite of ours and all the kids, except Chad, have had her as a teacher. She has been a great teacher and has seen and noted how different my children are from one another, personality wise. Heath has been her hardest, but she understood his personality and has worked wonders with him. I hope and pray that we can get a kindergarten teacher that can be so patient and loving towards our child that has an enthusiastic and a vibrant new way of looking at life.


Lisha said...

Yay for the graduate! Loved the answer... sometimes I wish I was a queen, too. :) Nathan keeps asking to play with Heath, we need to get together again!

Sarah (and a few others) said...

Heath is too much! I love the picture with the two boys-- so perfectly them!

Natalie said...

A King! That is too cute! I guess this means it is you and Laney bug in the Fall? WOW!

Amy said...

How fun for him! You guys really went all out. Looks like a fun day.

Sara said...

He looks so grown up in cap and gown! I wish our preschool had a graduation ceremony. And of course I love his king comment. So Heath!

Quincy Sorensen said...

Sharon, I so love the familiarity of this post. I have loved Trinity Baptist so much! Can't believe Heath is so big! Your fall will feel so different, I bet.

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