Windows to the Soul

I love eyes. I have always been drawn to them and am amazed at all the different shapes and colors they come in. When I was a little girl I wanted to have blue eyes because it seemed to me that so many of the "pretty girls" or "cool girls" had them. For some reason I thought that blue eyes were better than my hazel eyes, that many people would call "brown". I even got the nickname "brown eyes" from some Senior boys on my bus the first day I started school after moving to Minnesota. After getting to know those boys better and getting so many compliments from them on my eyes, I thought that my eyes might not be as bad as I had originally thought. I still wasn't completely sold, but I was headed in the right direction.

Over the years I had studied people's eyes as they would talk to me and I began to realize that the eyes were the "windows to the soul". The eyes told you of sincerity, or the lack thereof. If someone was lying or not. They have expression that can really show you who that person really is deep down. Eventually, I learned to like my eyes. It took me a long time and I can honestly say it is the one thing that I like about myself. It has taken me years to be comfortable saying that about myself.

I have to admit that I still loved blue eyes. I just didn't necessarily want them on me anymore. Most of the guys I dated had blue eyes and I secretly required that my future hubby have blue eyes, which he ended up having....piercing blue eyes that is.



This is pre-Laney days so, yes, I was skinnier.

After getting married and finding out about 4 months later that we were expecting baby #1, my MIL would ask if I thought my child would have blue or brown eyes. By this point in my life, I really wasn't thinking much about that because to me that was a "minor" thing. But as I thought more about it I thought it would be awesome to have a kid with 2 different colored eyes. I knew this kid from school (a crush of mine) who had them and thought it was so cool. Well....


Chad ended up having one dark brown eye (his left one, your right) and one light blue eye for the first 11 months of his life. Then his other one (his right, your left) changed to a hazel one like mine. You really notice it more in the sunlight, but he thinks it is way cool and loves to tell people this one awesomely unique thing about himself when getting to know them.

Then along came baby #2, Alyssa. She had blue eyes forever! Then when she was 2, they changed to green.


Then there is Bria with eyes that are a little more brown than mine, but have an amber shine to them. But the first 9 months of her life, she had dark blue eyes. I still have close up pics of those pretties. I have to admit that it is nice to have a brown eyed daughter. Even if it is only one. :)


We finally ended up with a true blue with baby #4! They lightened up pretty quickly so it didn't take us long to figure out what their color would be.


Now on to Laney. She has the same color blue eyes that Bria had for a long time. She even has some brown specks in them. So the question is "Will she be a blue, green or brown eyed baby?" I guess only time will tell.



Michelle said...

Great post. Bria's eyes look so much like yours.

kg said...

All of your eyes...gorgeous!

Natalie said...

This is a neat post Sharon! You all have gorgeous eyes!

Sarah (and a few others) said...

Oh, Heaths's eyes are just beautiful in that picture!

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