Blueberry Pickin'

Recently we made a fun trip to a local farm to pick blueberries with some dear neighbors/friends of ours. They decided to follow us to said farm, but we ended up following them since they had a GPS after we made a wrong turn and ended up in Tennessee. Good thing the state line is close, that we weren't too far off the beaten path (say abt. 5 min. or so) and that the farm didn't close til 8 pm. ;)

It was a fun trip with fun friends and the scenery was beautiful!



It was a pretty HOT and muggy day. Good thing we waited til the evening to go. Laney endured, but was a bit fussy at times. She is cute, fussiness and all! :)


Good thing these guys were in clumps so we could easily avoid 'em when reaching into the bushes. During my senior year of High School one of my chores was to pick the figs while standing on a ladder. There were tons of these uglies all over the place and I was pelted by their dive bombing maneuvers several times right in the face! Not so fun when you are how high off the ground?


On our way up in the van the kids kept talking about how many blueberries they would have in their buckets...let's just say that there were a few buckets that lay empty in the end. :)


These two are only a couple months apart in age and have enjoyed being friends for a LONG time now. I love watching them grow up.


Chad and Thomas were lots of fun to talk to while we worked. They sure are growing up fast.


Heath and Katie seemed to enjoy playing towards the end of our time there. Heath says that she is his "best friend" and she is about as girly as you can get while he is about as true blue boy as you can get. So cute! :)


This was the only picture that I could get of the two older girls. Most of the time they were off picking together away from the boys and us parents. :)


Her poor hair was starting to get plastered upside her sweaty head and she hates grass. So all this made her a little unhappy until she found out that the bucket could be pretty entertaining.



Tyson was a determined picker and his bucket was the one that I had to pick the stems and not too ripe blueberries from the least. Way to go babe! ;) I always knew you'd come in handy one day.

We ended up leaving with 14 lbs. of blueberries for about $21 and made blueberry cobbler for a fun BBQ we had the next night with one of my dearest friends. It was a great cobbler and a great night! I will definitely be posting the recipe since all my kids loved it...even picky Bria.;)


Sara said...

Fun! I'm definitely looking forward to that recipe. I love Laney's face while she is hating the grass....

Natalie said...

Looks like fun. I love Laney, the bucket on her head, so cute! And the cobbler sounds delicious!

Tyson said...

We had lots of fun. Just for the record, I was the only one who picked a whole bucket (about half the blueberries we picked). I love blueberries and wanted to make sure we stocked up while we had the chance.

kellibattraw said...

And I thought I was the only one getting dive bombed my those pesky june bugs that night! They do lead you to the ripest berries though. We love picking blueberries! I just made some super duper easy blueberry freezer jam. Email me if you're interested!

kg said...

That first picture is dreamy :)

Jenny said...

A farm just lets you pick their produce? That is awesome!
What is that bug?

You take the best pictures btw!

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