Miss Lys

Today I am home sick after nursing a couple of the kids back to health over the weekend.  "Welcome back to a new school year!" Can you hear the enthusiasm? Laney-bug is at a really good friend of mines home while I sit here trying to suppress the never ending to do list that keeps shouting out to me that if I don't get to it then it will never get done, but my energy is zapped and I just want to crawl back into bed (which I will do very soon).

So here I am and here is my post for the day.

Alyssa has been a little moody lately. She is 9, almost 10. Dare I say hor-mo-nal? *breathe through teeth*

So, it was nice to get some cute pics of her with a smile.


She is now in fourth grade. So far she likes her teacher, but on occasion she comes home grumpy saying that her teacher yells and expects a lot from them. I told her that she just needs a little more time to get used to her teacher. We shall see what time brings. Wish us luck.


Currently she is writing about a boy named Chad who deals with ogres and mischief. She breaks her story down into chapters and has been working on it since the end of last school year. Maybe one day she will let me share it on here. Aside from writing, she loves to sing. Between her, Bria and Heath (and on occassion me) it is always a musical here in our home. Phantom of the opera, Oklahoma, Singin' in the Rain, newsies...you name it and it is found mingled somewhere amongst their own made up lyrics and melody.

She also has been having fun putting her clothing together for school. So far there are no outrageous outfits to report. Sad I know. It means she is growing up way too fast.

Soon she and I will work on one of my favorite things about decorating, color! I decided that I will start teaching my kids what I have learned through the classes I have taken in Interior Design and my own trial and errors. This way they can start experimenting with things and hopefully one day I will have at least one that will like to shop and decorate with me.*fingers crossed*


About halfway through our little photo session, she grew impatient and grumpy with me (in other words I said something, yet again, that she didn't like), but I pulled out some silly faces and jokes and all was well with the world.


At least for a little while.


kellibattraw said...

she is such a cutie!

Natalie said...

What a cute girl she is!

Michelle said...

Such a beautiful girl....love her like crazy!

Sara said...

She is growing up fast! I remember a few years ago when you cringed at what she chose to wear. Now it seems she has the know-how to put clothes together herself. I can only dream of that day for Marissa....

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