Look who has HAIR!!! Ok she has always "technically" had hair, but LOOK it has a clip and it stayed in for more than a few seconds!

Is it right for a mom to be THIS giddy over some hair follicle improvement? I really need to get out more.


Then she decided that it needed to go. 
Plop! Right on the ground.
Then she stepped on it. :)


If you give a Laney-bug a hat


If you give a Laney-bug a hat, she will parade around the house. Then she'll see a chair and want to rest in it.


If you give a Laney-bug a chair she will remember the TV buttons that are on her level and want to push them to put a movie on.


After messing with all the buttons on her level she will notice the child proofed doors and decide that she wants to open some drawers that aren't child-proofed.


After digging everything out of her dresser drawers in about 10 seconds flat, she will see you yawning and it will remind her that she is very, very tired!

She will lay down leaving a HUGE path of destruction behind her and start to nod off until... :)


She sees her hat. Then she will want to put it on again.



kg said...

Yay for hair! We know about how exciting that can be around here :) I love how you call her Laney-bug :)

Michelle said...

Love the style of dialogue "If you give a mouse a cookie" :-)

kellibattraw said...

She is so darn cute!

Amy B. said...

Love the hair..and clip!

I love if you give a mouse a cookie so this blog post was most awesome!

danakat said...

I love her little armpit chub!!! I need to come squoosh her soon.

Sara said...

Her little face reminds me so much of Heath at that age. Cute and clever way to capture a day in the life of Laney-bug!

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