What Summer Means to Me

Today I have been busy cleaning and preparing for another school year to begin. I have organized cabinets, done some needed shopping and made lists for the last few things I need to buy for school and more projects that need to take priority. It is so never ending and I am FINALLY resigning myself to that fact. *sigh*

As I do these things I hear the music of my three oldest children as they each take their turn with their new piano teacher. Nanny McPhee plays in the background with no audience. Heath is laughing as his transformers battle upstairs and Laney is taking her last nap of the day.

This is my life. I. Love. it. This is our summer. I have enjoyed it.

I have mixed emotions about school starting soon. I will have 4 kids in elementary school (Ya' shoulda' seen the shopping cart of supplies and the receipt that followed after. YIKES!). And no, I didn't go on the tax free weekend. Don't ask why, otherwise it'll be some HUGE loooong spiel about hormonal mommies fighting over the last cabbage patch doll on the shelves just before Christmas. Ok, not really. I have complexes, I know. I just don't like crowds. :) Instead we will be spending our last Saturday before school with the kids at "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" at the VBC Playhouse! This will be much better than pushing through crowds just to save a few bucks.

It has been a successful summer in many ways. And now we have school in 6 more days. In some ways I look forward to having more time to do other things that I need to without much interruption, but I am not looking forward to early mornings, after school activities and homework. Who says when you become an adult you never have homework again? Wish I would have taken math more seriously. This year just might kill me! How sad is that!?! But as I reflect on the summer that we have had, I ask myself, "What does summer mean to me?"

And here it is. This is what summer means to me...


Kids playing barefoot in the sun, drying off from their long days swim with cousins.


Enjoying what comes from the garden and working while reminiscing on childhood memories and funny stories. It is just a shame that we don't have a front porch to do it on.


Celebrating the birth of our country with yummy southern food and fireworks!


Lazy days on my dad's front porch watching nature do its thing. Dreaming of my future macro lens and all the possibilities! *hint, hint dearest*


Figuring out how many licks to the tootsie roll! :)


Blueberry Picking with friends and freezing enough to last us the winter.Too bad we missed the strawberries again this year.


Time together playing, laughing and making memories! I am so going to miss them. The memories we have made, our blissful lazy days and the joys of my kids at home. 6 am is waaay too early.


kellibattraw said...

Beautifully said! This makes me a little sad though, like we're saying goodbye right now. The summer can NOT be over already!

Jennys Quilts said...

Love this post!

Julie@Tales of Two T's said...

What a great post. Summer is such a special time. I can't believe it's almost over already!

What do you mean? I'm going to have to help with homework? I sure hope I don't look stupid! I don't even want to think about how many years I will have been out of school by the time my kids start. Oh my gosh I'm getting old...

danakat said...

Love this post and all the great pictures! I'm dreading the finishing of all the school clothes shopping. Yuck...ugh...and ick.

hope said...

Loved it as well! And I love the garden goodies and blueberries! Yumm!

As for a macro, you can get WAY LESS EXPENSIVE attachments that can convert any lens into a macro. Come on over and I will show them to you! (I might even have a couple you can have.)

Sara said...

I love the one of Heath eating the Tootsie pop. Priceless! The summer really did fly by, even though I didn't think it would. I'll call you later so we can talk about Laney/Sophie playdates.

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