Meet Tristen. She is the daughter of one of my dearest friends and stays with us periodically when her parents are out of town. We absolutley love this little gal and she fits right in with the rest of the kids. Basically she is our 6th child. Right now her parents are in France enjoying time without kids.

Oh, did that sound a little bitter? Let me try again. Right now her parents are in France enjoying time with out kids and we are SO happy for them. Next it is our turn! :)

But we won't be going to France.

Actually we won't even be going out of the state of Alabama, but hey, its without kids! :)


Lately Heath has been saying that they are going to marry. Of course he isn't the only one planning here. Shhh, don't tell, but we parents, hers too, think that they would make the perfect match and at least we would know who the in-laws are and we actually like each other. So its a big score for all involved...and they are both adorable! :)

Well Tristen said to Heath, like I did to Tyson, when Heath asked her to marry him, "I guess I will". See already a match made in Heaven. Then during what was supposed to be out afternoon quiet time today, there was a lot of banging upstairs with bitter words thrown around with some tears. Apparently, Heath wouldn't do what Tristen wanted and she said, "Fine! Then I am NOT marrying you!" Heath blubbered like a baby! His heart is just so set on this little gal! Tyson had to intervene a restore peace in the home once again.

Then after our evening family prayer Heath talked again about marrying Tristen. She said she didn't want to marry him and he said in a very stern and somewhat desperate voice, "Once you say something you can't go back on it! And you already said yes".

Oh, little boy if you only knew about women.

Then they talked it through and Heath came to terms that she just might end up with another boy, but then he would end up with another girl. All was ok with the world in the end. Tyson and I did make sure that they both knew there would be no wedding bells until after his mission (in case they decide to try it all again). That way he is at least 21! :)

So, there you have it. Heath was jilted before he is even of age. At least they are still friends!


hope said...

He looks like such a little guy in that picture, too!! So cute!

Stacey said...

Love the story -- hilarious! And your blog it sooo cute! I'm glad I can still keep up with you now. We miss you all!

uncle bill said...

I like your comment about Tristan and having her...Once you have the first child, the others are a piece of cake whether they are yours or not...Like the saying goes...whats one more?

Natalie said...

Too cute!

And you have guinea pigs????? What cute names they have.

Sarah (and a few others) said...

Haha, he is so smooth!

kellibattraw said...

Oh the fickle minds of those in love... They are too cute!

Sara said...

That's adorable! Young love is so unpredictable. Luckily you and Kathy still have a few years to play match maker. And France? Without kids? How nice is that?

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