Meet the Boys!

Never in a million years would I have thought that this would be something I would allow myself to do. I  MUST be crazy!!! I never imagined this would be my fate. I had done this once in my life, but it was short lived. Not that it wasn't fun and great, but it just didn't work out.

What am I talking about? Can't you read my mind? *Sheesh*

Ok I will tell you...I caved that's what I did. I let my kids, that saved hard earned money (by themselves), buy guinea pigs. Yes, I know, And let me tell ya...They. Are. CAAA-UUUUTE!!!

First a little braggin' on the kids. The girls and Heath actually. They made bookmarks and sold them door to door (only to the neighbors we know and I didn't know they did this), then they made car wash signs and apparently washed some cars for my awesome neighbors.

If we are run out of town you will now know what did it

Then they hit us up by asking to take the dog on the walk which ended up being that the dog walked them (he is 126 lbs.). They still got some moolah for trying. :)

The first thing they bought was a book on how to take care of their Guinea Pigs. After a few weeks of studying they felt ready to take on the piggies!

Everyone is totally in love with them and their names are even more adorable (also something from the kids).

Meet Oreo. He is a little scared of us, but lets us pet him more now. I even rub his backside just right and he purrs. No joke! I am some kind of Guinea Pig tamer or something. Who'd have thought?


 Now meet Scamper. He is the more nervous and shy boy that really needs to loosen up a bit. I can sometimes get him purring too, but he isn't a fan of hands going into his cage. Let's just say that the saying "when the poop hits the fan" goes well in this house now cause when they are scared everything goes flying. 


Eventually we are hoping that both will want to be picked up by us, but for now we are working on taming them.

How do you tame a guinea pig, you ask? Well let me tell ya.

First you have to let them settle in their cage for the first couple of days. Not pick them up and hug them and squish them.

Then you bring them treats and you don't let them have it unless they come to you so they can get used to you. They looked so scared and I was always taught that a way to a man's heart was through his stomach. We just shoved them in their faces while talking baby talk to them. We got some weird looks and Lys almost changed Scampers name to Bugsy cause his eyes got all big. We now talk civilized to them.

And lastly you never move their house to get them. Of course that one wasn't my fault! Really it wasn't. Scamper freaked so I FREAKED! Ok jumped was more like it, sending the house to one side of the cage while the guinea pigs jumped to the other. The kids weren't too happy with me.

I think they are over it now. The guinea pigs...maybe the kids too.

Now that we have learned our lessons we are good little kids and are heeding the advice that we were given and are hoping that both piggies will love us all so much that they are waiting at the entrance of their cage, to be held, when we walk into the room.

No laughing.

Oh and we have the best cage cleaner around...daddy! Just thought I would add that so it is public that he does know where he stands in the family. ;)


karen said...

I am not laughing. I am really in shock! We had hamster and they were a nightmare. Good luck. I sure hope they are both boys...for sure.

hope said...

I think I am the only one who is jealous here!! So jealous!! My dad was allergic to dander, so house-pets of any kind were not allowed. So, we became a rodent family. My sisters had gerbils and hamsters. I got a guinea pig. I loved her so much!! She was a purebread and absolutely wonderful!! I adopted two more that needed rescuing from other places. One was left in a glass aquarium tank with the lid off and a food bowl too tall for it in the middle of the forest. My friend founf it and brought it to me.

I could go on!! I even have a webkinz guinea pig because it looks like all three of mine combined. If you ever need someone to take care of them.... PLEASE?????

Sarah (and a few others) said...

I'm trying...for your and Hope's sake...to be excited for you.

They do look cute.

Sara said...

They are cute! My hat goes off to for being such an animal lover and passing that down to your kids. My kids know better than to question the no pets allowed rule at our house. They will just have to go to yours!

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