First "Official" Day


Today was Laney's first "official" day of Nursery at church (an 18 month-3 years old class). She was a stinker most of the morning at home and in the first hour of church, but I was told that she did great in Nursery!

One day I will brave taking her in myself. Usually when I take her anywhere and dare to leave her, she hangs onto my arm for dear life and screams. Then after I have been gone for a couple of minutes she is fine, but for now I will leave the taking her to Nursery to my dear hubby. :)
A few things about Laney-bug:

*She says words really, really well and copies most everything you say.
*She climbs everything and has no fear.
*Is the chunkiest monkey baby I have ever had. I say monkey because one of my brother's always says to the kids when he calls "Hey, this is a monkey's Uncle calling." It sort of sticks now. The kids even say they are monkeys because of it.
*Says "thank you" way more than the older kids. Hmmmm... :)
*Cleans up better than some of the other kids. Well at least without complaining, but we all know that will only last so long.
*Loves most foods.
*Prefers her Aunt Jenny to me at times. Not sure what I think about that one. :)
*Loves playing outside.
*Kisses me and tells me that she loves me. Melts my heart!
*LOVES shoes! She has been known to steal the shoes off your feet just so that she can try them on. Stinker! :)

She sure is loved in our home and I am sure she will be a SPOILED child (if truth be told, she already is), but she is the apple of our eye!


If she would have been more cooperative I would have taken a picture from behind cause maaan its one CAAA-UTE booty in that dress!


kg said...

Yay for Laney-bug and nursery! She sure is cute :)

hope said...

Awesome!! Now Tyson can come back to Sunday School... right? Shawn and I use to do the same thing... he always took the kids to Nursery because they would all fuss if I took them.

kellibattraw said...

Oh I'm dying over how cute she is! I think we need to have a play date so my Hyrum will see that other babies his age actually talk. : )

Julie said...

Love the outfit & the bow! So cute!

Quincy Sorensen said...

What a big day for Laney-bug (and her parents)! :)

Amy said...

She is adorable. I love the shot of her looking down and her big fat cheeks. Love them!

Okay, nursery?? I have to say I can't believe it and then I remember that Megan is only two months behind. Nuts! I'm glad she did so well in there.

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