Never a Dull Moment

One of my friends recently wrote in my comments for a post about our poor Guinea pig's broken leg saying, "I always feel like there's never a dull moment at your house."

I have to say that she would be right! :)

Today was a typical Sunday for us. After I took a little nap I decided to soak in the tub while Tyson and some of the kids made some homemade toffee. Tyson came into tell me something when Chad ran to our door, looking concerned and saying that someone was at our house. Tyson left and I continued in my soaking bliss wondering who was at the front door.

After a few minutes Tyson came back with a little blond boy whose head was down in shame. I sat up intrigued by the current situation. "Who was that at the door?" I asked. Tyson was struggling to keep a straight face and stern voice as he replied, "The Police."

Apparently, our little genius of a son decided to dial 9-1-1. Within 5 minutes there were 3 officers and 2 cop cars outside our house. They had tried calling us back after the call, but it went straight to our voice mail. I tried not to laugh, but also felt bad for the poor officers who had to interrupt their time for nothing of great concern. In the end they ended up loving our dog and talking for a few minutes stating they understood.

I joked with Tyson that Heath now has 9-1-1 to add to his current record holdings for time outs at school, rowdiness at church, several calls to poison control and other boyish mischief!!! :) Of course Tyson said smiling, "Well, I am surprised that with 3 older kids this hasn't happened before now." So true, but Heath is a different duck. ha ha! Heath now knows when we are to call 9-1-1 and that it was naughty of him to do that tonight.

About an hour after this incident, Misha started barking and looking out the window. Chad joined ranks saying, "Hey! Someone is here."

Heath scrambled to the door yelling, "I swear I didn't call 9-1-1 again!"

It turned out to be our good friends, the Moore's, delivering us some awesome Christmas goodies. Ha!


Today our little guy was bold and bore his testimony at church in front of a lot of people. He tried a month ago, but was too shy to do it. He has been talking about it since and was determined to do it this time.

When he first got up I was afraid that he wouldn't do it or might say something not so reverent, but within a few seconds he began talking about knowing the church is true, that Jesus sacrificed for us, that he loves the scriptures and a few other sweet remarks about the Gospel and of Jesus Christ. It sure filled me with gratitude for such a loving kid. Spunk and all! We LOVE him! :)


Sharon said...

Oh and just to be CLEAR, Chad did not see me in the buff. I could see him where I was at, but he could not see me! :) Same with Heath. ha ha!

danakat said...

OH MY GOSH!!! THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO US!!! Sorry to yell, but that is HYSTERICAL!!! I'll call you tomorrow and we can share stories. LOL!
Love you.

Sara said...

Ha Ha! I am kind of surprised you haven't had this happen before, knowing how well Heath and mischief go together. At least he knows what to do in case of a real emergency!

Karen said...

Man. I missed all the action. I think that this is a classic story. I am glad you can smile. It's rather funny.

Sarah (and a few others) said...

ha HA HA haha!

my little brother called 9-1-1 once because the batteries in his favorite toy were gone. totally an emergency.

Dawn, said...

When Savannah and Christian were young, our little neighbor across the street prank called 911 and said his house was on fire... the little boy was 3. All we knew at the time was the fire engines came speeding down our street and cop cars and chaos... we went out to see if our poor neighbors were OK. Only to find out a few minutes later that it was their son's prank call. No fire, whew! Terribly embarrassing for my neighbors BUT great for me cause Savannah and Christian saw first hand how awful it was to call WOLF. So honestly, Heath broke the ice and now maybe none of your other kiddos will need to 'experiment', tee-hee.

kg said...

Yup, never a dull moment! I love that you were in the bubble bath when it all happened! :)

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